Hello, Nancy here with a tutorial for a monochromatic art journal page.

It’s sometimes quite a mystery to me where the inspiration for any piece of art comes from. For this particular journal page I knew I wanted to use black & white, having just found some fun black and white paper tape. I knew I wanted to use The Crafter’s Workshop black gesso and I had an idea about what stencils to use;  the rest just grew from there.

TCW stencils on art journal page with black gesso LEFKO

This journal page turned out to be an exercise in perspective: some might read the message as “Always Number 1.” Others might see “Not Always Number 1.” So, you see it’s “Not Always Black & White,” as still others will first notice.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Supplies Used:

12″ x 12″ Number 10 stencil TCW641

12″ x 12″ Heart Key stencil TCW642

6″ x 6″ Mini Les Fleurs stencil TCW638s

TCW641 and TCW642 stencils

TCW638s stencil

art journal with 140 lb watercolor paper

foreign newspapers & vintage text

glue stick

The Crafter’s Workshop Clear Gesso

heat gun


The Crafter’s Workshop White Gesso


The Crafter’s Workshop Black Gesso

foam spouncers/applicator

The Crafter’s Workshop Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste

palette knife

paper tape

masking tape

packing tape image transfer

gel medium

alphabet rubber stamps

black Staz-On ink


colored pencil


Cover the journal page with newspaper and text using glue stick to adhere.

Cover journal page with newspaper and text and adhere with glue stick LEFKO

Coat with The Crafter’s Workshop clear gesso, and as the newspaper will wrinkle, flatten with a brayer after you dry with a heat gun. (If you use the brayer while the paper is still damp it can peel up and stick to the brayer.)

Coat papers with TCW clear gesso LEFKO

Use heat gun and brayer to smooth out wrinkles on newspaper LEFKO

Dry brush with The Crafter’s Workshop white gesso, first in a horizontal pattern, then vertical. Allow to dry.

Dry brush with TCW white gesso LEFKO

Use foam spouncer to apply The Crafter’s Workshop black gesso to a section of the 12″ x 12″ Number 10 and 12″ x 12″ Heart Key stencils masking off certain areas with masking tape.

TCW black gesso and stencil TCW641 on journal page LEFKO

TCW642 stencil and TCW black gesso on journal page LEFKO

 Have fun applying black & white paper tape.

Add paper tape to select areas of journal page LEFKO

Use a palette knife to apply The Crafter’s Workshop light & fluffy modeling paste through a portion of the Heart Key stencil. Let dry thoroughly. Shade the raised dot pattern slightly with Staz-On black ink on a foam applicator.

TCW light & fluffy modeling paste through TCW642 stencil LEFKO

TCW light & fluffy modeling paste through TCW642 stencil LEFKO

Add an image with a packing tape transfer.

Add image of eyes with packing tape transfer to journal page LEFKO

Add message to the page with rubber stamp alphabets and markers.

Rubber stamps and markers are used to add message to the journal page LEFKO

Add a tiny pop of color by drawing a heart from a string; color with red pencil. Ink the edges of the journal page with Staz-On black ink.

Add a pop of color by adding a heart and coloring red. LEFKO

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and try a little monochromatic fun for yourself!

TCW stencils on art journal page with black gesso LEFKO

See you next time!

Nancy Lefko


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