Friend Friday with Chameleon Pens August 19

August is shaping up to be a fabulous month.  Our new Summer Stencils and new mediums (YES! we have new mediums now) are shipping and arriving in local stores near you … and TCW has partnered with Chameleon Pens for a fun month-long Friend Friday blog hop.  Each Friday, members from both Design Teams will share some inspirational projects on both blogs using Chameleon Pens and stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop.

Friend Friday TCW and Chameleon Pens

Take the time to visit both blogs and make sure to leave a comment on our Friend Friday blog posts for a chance to win a set of FIVE 6×6 stencils.  Leave a comment on Chameleon’s Friend Friday blog posts for a chance to win a 5 Pen set of Chameleon Pens!

So, check out our team posts for this week and then hop over to Chameleon Pens blog and see what their team has created.  Leave a comment below for a chance to win some stencils.  We’ve got a project by Cheryl Boglioli and Tetiana Komarova today.


Hey there!  I can’t believe September is almost here; where has 2017 already gone?  I never thought I would be a planner decorator, but I’m having a fun time making my planner pretty while staying productive.  This week I’m sharing a quick planner page using not only Chameleon Pens and some brand new Summer 2016 Inspired Journal stencils, but also one of The Crafter’s Workshop brand new mediums, Clear Gesso.

Cheryl Boglioli Stenciled Planner Page

Some markers will bleed through many planner papers.  Always test first (trust me as I’ve covered many mistakes with patterned paper and stickers) to see if your medium, marker, or pen will bleed through your planner pages.  I decided to coat my pages with The Crafter’s Workshop new Clear Gesso.  I love this gesso.  It is a matte translucent gesso.  It really dries almost invisible.

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (1 of 9)

Here is a quick demonstration.  I painted the right half of this note notepaper from my planner with the new TCW Clear Gesso and let it dry.  This only took a few minutes as it dries fast.  Then I colored some swatches with the Chameleon Pens using the brush tip side. Cheryl Boglioli Stenciled Planner Page

After flipping it over, you can see that the side with the Clear Gesso has NO bleed through from the Chameleon Pen, whereas you can see that there is a heavy bleed through where no gesso was painted.

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (2 of 9)

I then painted a thin even layer over both pages and let dry.CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (3 of 9)

This close up is still wet, but look how clear it really is.  I tried to take a picture when dry, but there really wasn’t anything to see, but if you look below where I’m tracing on the papers, you can tell, it is completely transparent.

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (4 of 9)

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (6 of 9)

After the Gesso dried, I traced a few images from two of our new Inspired Journal stencils designed by Joanne Fink.  I used the fine .4 tip of Chameleon’s Detail Pen.

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (7 of 9)

Next, I started coloring in the images using a few of the Chameleon Pens.  I love that I can get a nice gradation in one color using the colorless blender tip that comes with each pen, but for even more range of colors, you can also touch one color tip to another and achieve some gradation blending and color blending in one.

CherylBoglioli_TCW_Chameleon (8 of 9)

Here is my page after coloring in the stenciled images.  I also used a faint blue to color in some music notes above the bird and added a few more sketchy marks.

Cheryl Boglioli Stenciled Planner Page

Then I added a few stickers and am now ready to fill in my appointments and projects to complete this week’s planner layout.  This week will be a busy week because I go to pick up my newly renovated vintage trailer, Glinda, on Sept 1 and get it packed for my midwest Fall Teaching Tour.  I’ll be teaching classes with a lot of The Crafter’s Workshop stencils. You can always find more of my adventures at Cheryl Boglioli Designs.


Tetiana Komarova

Hello friends! Tetiana Komarova here to share with you some fun tips of using new TCW products and Chameleon pens.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own. So I created 2 backgrounds for my post cards.

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

I began to lay out the stencils on my backgrounds and trace with a pen.

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

Using a Chameleon Pen I filled in the stenciled images with color. You can control the depth of your tone and colour from light to dark.

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens


Also I wanted to experiment with TCW Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste. So I created a background using new stencil TCW643 Infinite Lace from The Crafter’s Workshop Summer 2016 release. I really adore this paste and a surface that I created with it.

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

And started to colour elements of the stencil!

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

TCW stencil and Chameleon pens

I hope that I inspired you to experiment! It was really fun!

Aren’t these fun projects?  Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of 5 stencils.  Then hop over to Chameleon Pens Blog and leave a comment as well as register for their newsletter.   You’ll have four chances to win since we will post each Friday this month for this cross promotion Friends Friday with Chameleon Pens and The Crafter’s Workshop.


9 thoughts on “Friend Friday with Chameleon Pens August 19

  1. The Chameleon Pens are the perfect way to highlight your gorgeous stencils! Your planner pages are just “popping” with color 🙂

  2. I have not tried the Chameleon Pens but they look amazing here! Love the planner page and love the color with the texture! Wonder job!!

  3. WOW!!! All of the projects today are awesome. It is awesome to see that these pens can be used on gesso. And the planner pages are beautiful.
    Great ways of using stencils and Chameleon pens. Thank You!

  4. Hadn’t thought about using the stencils to make my own
    coloring page. Clever idea.
    the projects are fantastic. Would be thrilled to win
    the stencils – just getting started with that technique
    and loving it.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Very pretty planner pages and thanks for the advice to use gesso. I like seeing different ways to use stencils too.

  6. PRETTY planner pages, a great way to bring a smile to your days Cheryl 🙂
    BEAUTIFUL backgrounds Tetiana, the colours and designs are DELIGHTFUL, the texture & dimension of the modelling paste is a great idea too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!

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