Hello everyone, Nancy here with a new tutorial using some of the great new stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop.

It’s funny how a project evolves; how inspiration strikes. When looking through the new stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop, I knew I wanted to use one of the Frida stencils over a super-saturated, color-filled background. At first I thought of the acrylic paints and designs I’d use, but then a new idea took seed.

Finished TCW stencils Frida project Lefko

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Now, now…before the stamp collectors out there get upset, isn’t this a much better place to put old stamps than in the trash? Yes and yes! Besides, this barely scratches the surface of the collection of vintage stamps I have yet to use!

Collection of stamps for use in TCW stencil project Lefko

Supplies Used:

12″ x 12″ TCW646 La Soñadora

12″ x 12″ TCW652 Corazon

Frida TCW stencil TCW646 Corazon TCW stencil TCW652

140 lb watercolor paper

vintage stamps

glue stick

TCW9007 Clear Gesso


masking tape

fine line black marker

india ink

black Staz-On ink


Adhere vintage stamps to a substrate of 140 lb watercolor paper using a glue stick. Overlap stamps and change their orientation as you move across and fill the background.

Vintage stamps to cover background using glue stick Lefko

Vintage stamps to cover background for TCW stencil project Lefko

Once covered in stamps, coat background with The Crafter’s Workshop Clear Gesso and allow to dry.

Coat background of stamps with TCW clear gesso Lefko

Position 12″ x 12″ La Soñadora stencil over the background. I first secured the substrate to my work surface with masking tape and then secured the stencil over the top.

Position Frida TCW stencil and secure with masking tape Lefko

 Trace through the stencil, face only, with a fine line, permanent black marker.

Trace through Sonadora TCW stencil with fine line black marker Lefko

While stencil is still in place, fill in the smallest areas with the black marker.

Fill in smallest areas of TCW Sonadora stencil with black marker Lefko

Remove stencil and fill in open areas of design with india ink using a liner paintbrush.

Fill in open areas of TCW Sonadora stencil with india ink and brush Lefko

As sometimes happens with our artwork, I thought I was nearly finished…but the stamp near Frida’s nose looked like a big old bandaid! I could not live with that!

Nearly complete Frida face with TCW Senadora stencil Lefko

A couple of new stamps later (followed by a bit of clear gesso) and all was well.

New stamp nose for TCW Senadora Frida stencil Lefko

A Frida portrait hardly seemed complete without a flower of some kind, so using the 12″ x 12″ Corazon stencil, I added a flower to the top left corner of the piece.

Added flower with TCW Corazon stencil and fine line marker Lefko

With a little application of black Staz-On ink to the edges, I think my Frida project gets the “stamp of approval.”

Finished TCW stencils Frida project Lefko

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and realize that you don’t need paint to create a color-filled background!

Nancy Lefko


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