How I organize my Stencils and 1 final Project

Hello Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and I am happy-sad today.

Happy to be here with you…sad that it is my last post as a member of The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team.

Don’t worry…you’ll still see me around, but I am super excited to make way for an amazing new team of gifted artists.

To finish out my time here, I wanted to share 2 things with you.

FIRST….how I organize my stencils.

A lot of people ask me how I keep track of all my stencils. In all honesty, it took me a while to find a system that worked for me.

Finally, I came up with this:

I found this box that holds 12×12 size hanging folders.


I started by asking myself a few questions: When I am looking for a stencil, what am I thinking? What do I see first?

For me, I came up with 5 categories:

(1) Textures- Stencils that my brain sees as adding texture to backgrounds.

(2) Abstract- Stencils that are geometric, but large enough to be an actual design and not just background texture.

(3) Nature- Stencils that when I look at, I see the natural elements first (like flowers, birds, bugs, etc.) Even if it has other elements, I go with my first instinct.

(4) Rebekah Meier and Distress- Because Rebekah’s style is SO distinctive, I wanted to put them all together so they would be easy to find. I also put other stencils that had “distressed” qualities in this folder.

(5) Numbers and Letters- This one is pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

NEXT….I needed a little space.

20160330_174536277_iOS 1

I made my piles, also separating my 12×12 and my 6×6.


I used these fun bright tabs. As you can see, I made one for my 12×12 and 6×6. However…I miscounted my folders (and mislabeled one! ha!) so you’ll see in the next picture that all my 12×12 and 6×6 Distress stencils are all together.


For my Distress Folder that has both 12×12 and 6×6, I put my 6×6 in a gallon bag to keep them separated.


For all of my TCW Bits, my box actually came with a lid that has a compartment that is PERFECT to organize them.



I can’t have my last post and NOT share a project, right?

Recently I was having fun and just playing with my TCW Stencils and I made this background using various inks and acrylic paints on watercolor paper.


I brought it to a retreat I recently went to, but didn’t really have a plan for it.

Out of no where, I was inspired to draw tattoo inspired Koi Fish and traditional lotus.


Traditionally, the Koi fish is a symbol of courage, perseverance and success.

And that my friends…is what I want to leave you with.

I hope my time with you has inspired you to take courageous leaps in your creativity and in your lives.

I hope it has prompted you to preserver through the toughest of times.

And…I hope and wish and pray you have all the success your heart desires.

Until Next time friends,

Keri Sallee

TCW Design Team and Certified TCW Instructor


6 thoughts on “How I organize my Stencils and 1 final Project

  1. It was a clever way to organize Your stencils, Keri. I will copy Your idea ☺ Sad you quit as a TCW Designer, but I hope you’ve got other creative plans. I wish you continued success!
    Hugs, Anita

  2. thanks for sharing your organization for the stencils. I’m going to hunt down one of those file boxes.

  3. I love the way you keep your bits, fragments and remnants. I must find a container like that for mine. What a wonderful and colorful project to end your term! It was wonderful working with you. I know I’ll see you around! Wishing you courage, perseverance and success too.

  4. Thank you for all you have shared .You are an inspirations.I will be organizing my stencils using your techniques.

  5. GREAT organizational tip! Love the projects that you have shared with us.
    Love and light,

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