It’s time for Spring; Lets Build a Nest with Karenliz

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (21)

The wonderful thing about The Crafter’s Workshop stencils are they make great scenes.
I created these pieces thinking about Spring.
I created these on cradled wood boxes 10″ x 10″ and 6″ x 6″.
I used these 12×12 stencils:
Bird Nest
Dancing Leaves


The first thing I did was to paint the boxes black. I like using black because it helps the other colors to pop.
Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (28)For my next step I added white and different shades of blue paint to the background but I sprayed it with water and watched them spread. I did let this dry overnight before I continued. I didn’t seal the wood on the box because I like the extra texture. If I continued to add more wet media the box, it would start cracking or warping. You can see the grain in the wood in this picture.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (30)Once it dried I used white paint to add the Impression stencil to the background.
This stencil is fantastic for backgrounds.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (31)Leaves were next. Added with the Dancing Leaves stencil.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (24)Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (23) Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (22)

The flowers were added with the Impression stencil. The tree branch I added by taking a strip of heavy cardstock and dipped the edge in paint and scrapped it on to form a branch.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (27)

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (25)  Nest time! I added the nest with modeling paste and acrylic paints. This picture is the first coat of paint. When I finished it there are about four coats because I kept changing the color.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (26)

The birds were originally going on with modeling paste.
The larger bird didn’t turn out and I tried a couple of times.
I ended up scraping off the modeling paste and put them on mixed media paper.
Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (19)Here are a few close ups of the birds, nest and flowers.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (18)

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (15)

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (16)

They were so much fun to create and I love working on the wooden boxes.

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (1)

Karenliz_TCW608_BirdsNest (20)

Thanks so much for stopping!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
My Blog: My Creative Endeavors



8 thoughts on “It’s time for Spring; Lets Build a Nest with Karenliz

  1. Oh, this is an adorable project!! 🙂
    I love the stencils too, and the way you used them is really great.
    Thanks for the lovely inspiration, perfect for Spring coming soon! 🙂

  2. Oh wow – this is just so BRIGHT and CHEERY and PRECIOUS KarenLiz. I sooo love it. Your background with the flowers completely had me captured. Then your nest is so intriguing – it really looks like a dimensional piece that your little birdies put together. The icing on the nest – your birds – they are just perfectly ADORABLE. Seeing your creation just made my day brighter! Thanks bunches. j.

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