Cat Quote Art with Carmen Medlin

Hi there arty people! I’m Carmen Medlin, one of the Signature Designers, and I’m excited to start posting here at The Crafter’s Workshop blog. I made a video for y’all! I’m using my “Kitties” stencil design to make this art piece illustrating a Charles Dickens quote: “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” This one has no audio but text overlays are included which explain what I’m doing.

You can find my 12×12 Kitties stencil here:

TCW583 12×12 Kitties Template


Other materials I used in the video: Tinted paper, makeup sponge, acrylic paints, round brush, colored pencils, and gouache paints.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Carmen Medlin, Signature Designer for The Crafter’s Workshop

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