2016 New Years Celebration Cups & Table Top Decor

Hello and Happy 2016!

Jen here, since this post goes live on Jan. 1st I decided to create a quick and festive tutorial on New Years Wine glasses and table top decor to decorate for your New Year’s day guests.

Supplies needed:

  •  Clear wine or champagne flutes
  • Metallic acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paint pen
  • Regular pen or pencil (for tracing stars)
  • Round foam brush and small pointed tipped brush
  • festive Paper or card stock
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors for cutting stars out
  • Stencils: TCW 556 Art Deco numbers & TCW 2055 Accented Star bits

Step 1:

Start tracing the star shape, TCW 2055 Accented Star bits onto your selected paper. I used two different colors of paper, gold & sliver.

Step 1 tracing stars

To give some variety I traced the outer portion of the star and then a few in the inner sections creating large and small stars on each sheet of paper.

Step 2: Cutting out stars

Take scissors and cut out the star shapes.

Cutting out stars

Step 3: Painting your wine glass

You’ll want to flip over your wine glass to paint. Here I used both methods acrylic paint with a slender pointed foam brush and painting each dot with an acrylic paint pen both in gold. Experiment with both methods to see what you prefer.

Step 2 painting dots

Using a paint pen to create dots all around the cup.

Step 2 with paint pen


Step 4: Tracing base of cup

Tracing bottom of cup

I was going to stencil on the top base of the cup with, 2016 but the stencil numbers were too large for the width of the base, so onto to plan B!

Tracing stencils using TCW 556 Art Deco numbers

I then decided to take my festive gold paper and trace with TCW 556 Art Deco numbers 2016 the bottom cup to get the correct size of the cup. This paper will fit under the base of the cup.

stencil on paper

Then using scissor cut the circle shape out and fit under cup.

paper under cup


I then decided to secure the paper in place and found a glue stick worked well. This is not permanent just for decor.

securing paper to cup


Here is the final presentation as I placed my stenciled cut out stars all around the festive New Years Celebration Cups!



Fill with your favorite sparkling beverage, here I used organic sparkling juice



Cheers!   Hope your 2016 is Merry & Bright!


Jen, 2016 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team


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