Layout with Watercolor Flowers


Tanya here.

Do you like watercolor drawings and backgrounds? I love! But I do not know how to draw … I decided to just try it!  Stencil by The Crafters Workshop became my assistant!

Look what I got!




Would you like to make a similar watercolor background?

You need:

The Crafters Workshop stencils, watercolor paper and paints, pencil, brush, water and some decorations

I chose a nice TCW513 stencil.

I have prepared a paper, a pencil and stencil



I looked around the contour 3 flowers

tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop2

Next step – I picked up a paints

tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop3 tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop4


I start with light colors, mix, add, and just enjoy the process!

tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop5 tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop6 tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop7


I add a little shtamping, layers of paper and watercolor splashes



Quite a bit of decor and my page is ready!

tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop12 tanyapalamarchuk_thecraftersworkshop10

Have a great day!

The Crafters Workshop stencil:


Tanya Palamarchuk

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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