Hanging Mobiles

Hello everyone, Jen Lashua here to show you this fun and fast way to create a simple hanging mobile.

I decided to find a creative craft that could utilize all my children’s broken crayons. This is a perfect way to make some fun, vibrant art!



Supplies you will need:


Step 1:  Creating Crayon Shavings

Place your wax paper on table. Make sure you have enough wax-paper to fold over the crayon shavings, so there is a bottom layer and a top layer of wax-paper.

Remove all paper from your crayons, sharpen crayons over your wax-paper, creating lots of shavings. This step does take some time, but well worth the effort. You will want a mixture of vibrant colors.

crayon shavings

 Step 2:

Preheat your iron to low, once you have enough shavings, fold the top layer of the wax-paper over your shavings, lightly iron until crayon shavings are melted.

Fold over the top layer of wax-paper, as seen here:

step 3 folding wax paper over

Ironing the crayon shavings:


Melted shavings

melteld crayon

Close up melted crayon

Close up of the melted crayon shavings, I love how this looks!

Step 3: Tracing and outlining your stencils on wax-paper.

Laying stencil over your melted wax-paper, trace the shape of the stencils with a sharpie or marker.

Here I used stencil, TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon.

Tracing stencil

Here is the feather from stencil, TCW 526 Fly Away

Tracing stencil 2


Here is the stencil layout with the feather portion of  TCW 526 Fly AwayAccented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon 

Step 4: Cutting out your designs with scissors.

Cutting images out

The assembly of cut out designs:

Images traced and cut

Step 5:  Use a paper punch to create a hole in each cut out, then thread through with hemp twine or string.

Threading your cut outs.


Close up of feathers:

finished up close feather 3

finished feather

finsihed up close feather

Pictured here is Accented Star Bits stencil TCW 2055 and  TCW 2075 Hot Air Balloon stenciled cut outs.

Close up balloon + Stars

up close

I then attached the strings to a stick, place them wherever you think looks best. At the end of the stick, I decided to finish it off by adding some acorn tops. These were applied with my hot glue gun.

gluing acorn tops

Placing a dab of hot glue inside each acorn top.


Securing the acorn top to the end of the stick with glue inside.

Final piece


Hope you enjoyed this!


 2015 The Crafter’s Workshop Design team.

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