Stenciled Oil Bottle: TCW 531S

Making your own garlic-infused olive oil can save you a lot money.

I confess, I’ve bought the pre-made infused oils and vinegar off the shelf; but only on sale.

I saved the used up bottles to hold my own home-made. I opted to change the look of the plain “what is in that?” bottle by decorating it.

Cradling the bottle with rolled towels, I drew an outline of a head of garlic in permanent marker.

Then painted it.

Then I chose to use this decorative writing part from “Grow” # TCW 531S.

I sprayed adhesive on the stencil and wrapped it firmly onto the bottle while applying a green iridescent embossing paste.

 The little design became a visual label for the bottle.

 I’ll do this for the infused vinegar recipes too!

 Super easy and quick little bottle dress up!

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