Calendar Cards for 2015….

I thought I would share with you how I went about making these cute little cards for my 2015 Project Life Album.


I used several Templates today!  Many of the small ones and some the fagments…..

TCW321s, TCW470s, TCW204s, TCW321s, TCW2049 (Heart Strings Fragments). TCW2044 (Pods Fragments)  Find them and MANY MANY more HERE

I cut all my Watercolour Paper down to just slightly smaller than 3 Inches wide.  By 4 Inches high.  Perfect to slide into a 3×4 Pocket (I used Canson 165gsm Watercolour Paper)

I wanted to make myself a template to confine my design to a square at the top of some of the cards, so I made myself a template.  I measured on top of a card using a sheet of plastic, and marked where I should cut to get my square shape.


I also marked on ‘registration marks’ so I could line up the card correctly too.


Now I can lay my templates over the top of my square one and sponge, paint, spread what ever product I decide on using through it.  Double stenciling!!!

tutorial 3 LCQ TCW

First try is using Shimmerz Texturez (coloured textured paint) with a palette knife.


It worked great!


Another try….this time I masked off an area on one of Ronda’s Stencils


I love how this one came out!


Here are some of the others….this time I used Shimmerz Inklingz (Solid shimmery watercolours) and a paintbrush through the templates




And Lastly some Shimmerz Spritz (spray)


So that’s the selection of the 12 months I used TCW Templates with…the others were just water coloured so I didn’t include them in this post….I love adding a calendar card to my Project Life Pages, so these will be super handy throughout the year.

You could make a set of these to display on your desk as your desk calendar, or by the phone, but they could be used for cards or Layouts as well….not just for PL.

Thanks for stopping in to see us today!

See you again soon.

Lydell 🙂


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