Gellin’ with The Good life

IMG_2622Here we are, Day 2 of the Citrus Twist Kits Blog Hop.  And there’s a prize each day of the hop for one lucky reader who posts a comment on the the Citrus Twist blog.  (I love to read your comments here too, so comment-away!)

Today’s LifeBits (designed by our very own Jen Boumis) is “The Good life”. But don’t limit yourself to just one, there are EIGHT to choose from!!

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 7.40.55 AM

Hop around to see all of the posts, and leave a message on the Citrus Twist blog.  And keep reading, because I have all of the instructions on this Gel-Pen project just below!!!


Start with a stash of your favorite gel pen.  Now do the inevitable…check that they work.  It’s not that they’ve “dried out” (though, maybe they did), it’s more likely that the gel is just not at the tip right now.  So scribble away to see which ones work.  You can stand the full-but-not-working ones on their heads in a cup for the day and see if they come back to life tomorrow.

Once you’ve chosen your colors (I like an ombre look with “related” colors…green/blue, blue/purple, pink/orange…you get the idea), place your LifeBits stencil on your paper and start.  Make sure you’re using a fairly smooth paper for gel pens. They don’t like the bumps of textured paper. It makes them unhappy.

IMG_2618Trace inside the stencil.  You can go over the same spot (not like the white gel pen from this post.) Just remember that the gel ink takes a few minutes to dry. Careful with your hand or fingers, you could smudge your work in the first few minutes.

And finally, DONE.  These are great for pocket pages, layouts, birthday cards, and more! Have fun.  Join this hop again on Monday, September 16th!



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