Cardboard! The new mixed-media surface!!


Hi everyone, Karenliz here.

We all have cardboard boxes around the house and today I will show that those boxes are not just for packing.

This is what I used: TCW Stencils: Moroccan Tiles, Abstract Leaves and 4 Flowers, acrylic paints, xacto knife, woman image, paper flowers, spray inks and miscellaneous bits of leftover embellishments.

Ronda Palazzari Moroccan Tile Ronda Palazzari Leaves 4flowers























First, I painted the tag sized piece of cardboard with paint and dried it with a heat gun. I traced the stencil on the cardboard and cut out the negative space.

As you cut away the negative space you can see the underneath the cardboard.

2013 09 08_4003cb

This can get addicting but its lots of fun. As you get more proficient at carving cardboard you can start using more detailed stencils and start embellishing.

2013 09 08_3994cb

Get out your cardboard boxes and start cutting them up! Remember watch your fingers while carving!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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