April goes from Drab to FAB – File Cabinet

Two_Drawer_Close-upI received a comment from April Holland last week asking where she could send photos of something she’d done with our stencils.  (You can send them to Craftersworkshop at AOL dot com, by the way).  And this is what she sent.  Nice, right??  April is a School Administrator and loves to teach, so she wrote the tutorial below.  Enjoy!!


This is what my ugly filing cabinet looked like before I got started.

1. I took off the hardware (easy peasy!)
2. I used a sander to sand the rust off and create a dull finish the paint would adhere to.
3. I applied 3-4 coats of Rust-oleum Aqua, making sure to wait 48 hours for it to fully cure between coats (learned this the hard way and had to re-sand some of the first coat).
4. I used The Crafter’s Workshop TCW195 Brocade stencil, white paint, and a stippling brush (two coats for each stencil drying with a hair drier for about 2 minutes between each coat, so I wouldn’t have to reposition the stencil.  Every other drawer I used only half of the stencil on each side and continued the theme on the two file cabinet sides.

TCW195 Brocade














I love the results.  The file cabinet that used to be an eyesore, is now the design centerpiece of my office.
I also posted on Pinterest:


Hope this inspires you!


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