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Many months ago, Nathalie Kalbach created her own set of stencils for use in her classes as well as for sale. (Did you know you could do this? Yes! The minimum is 100 pieces per style and should be in “vector” format.)

So FINALLY she has created an online class using these very unique stencils and here is her info:

In this online video workshop I show you how to create a fun and whimsical mixed media canvas. You will learn some fun techniques using acrylic paints, book papers, gel medium, embossing powders and more, to turn a blank canvas into a wonderful unique and personal home decor item. On top you receive some fun tracing stencils and other items in the mail for you to use during the workshop. In 2 1/2 hours of video material, I show you all the steps, talk about my creative process, let you get into my head on why I use certain things and some basic design rules regarding mixed media. You will learn a lot about the media I use in this class which enables you to take this knowledge further and use it in future projects. And on top…you can learn in your own pace , at home ..even in your jammies.

This workshop is aimed for beginners to intermediate scrapbookers and mixed media Artists.

Interested? Click here (the kit includes the two stencils that Nathalie designed!!)

If you want to create your own stencils for sale (and you plan to buy 100 or more of each design) here’s what you need to do:

1. Create the design (preferably on the computer so that it’s in a vector format like Illustrator).  If not, you’ll need to ask a graphic designer to trace and convert it for you.

2. Print out several copies of this design.

3. Using an exacto-knife, cut out one of your stencil copies exactly as you have drawn it….does it hold together? Is it flimsy or strong?

4. Use your newly cut stencil. Does it work the way you want it to?

5. When you’re ready to commit to purchasing 100 of these stencils (per design), email Jaime at thecraftersworkshop dot com.

Please contact us AFTER you’ve done your homework (steps 1 – 4). We can not give you a quote until we look at the design. Don’t even ask. That’s just how we roll.  Leave yourself 3 months from start to finish. It’s a process with a learning curve.

Excited? Good!!

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