Giveaway Week – Day Four

Hi everyone!!

Ready for more giveaways? So let’s get on with day four:

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When I first saw this stencil, it literally took my breath away. I love love love this Coral. It’s so organic and you can use it as a pattern, a tree, or a coral, of course.

To win a chance to receive this stencil at 6×6 size, please leave us a comment and if you want to have an extra chance to win, you can also Like our Facebook page. (Please note that these are brand new stencils and are not available yet. You will be first in line when they start shipping.)

In your comment tell us about something you plan to do this weekend.

Come back each day this week for more giveaways. All the winners will be announced on Monday, January 21.


123 thoughts on “Giveaway Week – Day Four

  1. Really pretty stencil, at first I thought it was a tree but as coral it is even prettier. I am planning on spending all day Saturday working on my Granddaughter’s first year scrapbook (she will be two in March), I’ve been sidetracked with Art Journaling and Mixed Media! Thanks for another chance to win!

  2. Sooo corally! For my eyes, it’s actually waving in the water as I look at it! This wknd. involves a drive to Mystic, Ct. to spend Sunday at a horse show, my daughter is part of a team! Layers & warm ocean breezes are in order!

  3. Hello dear Team,
    this weekend I plan to do some Scrap Layouts and to clean up my messy room. 😉 All the christmas decorations should be replace by winter decorations.
    This stencil is great, especially for nature layouts.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. This is one of the prettiest stencils I have ever seen!!! I am planning to spend the weekend scrapping if my boss doesn’t ruin it by booking me to work. LOL

  5. I love all of the new stencils – can’t wait to get them in the shops (here in Germany even a bit later :-)). On my weekend I plan to do some painting on a canvas, perhaps some multi media project – after getting some wood home from the forest…

  6. How I would love to use this stencil. My loft area is beach theme and I would love to stencil some pillows for my sofas. It’s my oasis in the middle of the desert I live in.

  7. What a great, organic, multi-purpose stencil! I’d love to use this in my paintings. I’m working on portraits and I’m always trying to come up with cool backgrounds. This would work beautifully!
    This weekend will be more faces, of course. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance of winning it.

  8. Coral reminds me of all the wonderful patterns in nature that undulate and go on infinitely. I would love to use this stencil on dyed and batiked fabric to add another layer of surface design.

    Michele in Tulsa

  9. This week I’m going to go to cinema, I’m not sure which movie to choose 🙂 And I’ll go to the hairdresser as I want to have my fringe back 😀

  10. This weekend I plan to play in my art journal. I love so many of your stencils, and plan to pick some up (along with a Gelli Plate) this summer when I visit my family and friends in the U.S.

  11. Plan to do some gel printing with the four new stencils I ordered. Can’t wait for the new ones to be available. Wish I had them all! 🙂

  12. Waw, this coral template is sooooooo amazing, and as a diver, a must have!!! I also make a lot of cards for my local dive shop, and scrap underwaterpictures, so if I would win this lovely template, I surely would use it a lot!!!
    Will work on some projects this weekend, and if the weather stays the same (no extra snow), I will go for a long long walk!

  13. Love this Coral stencil…looks really versatile! This weekend I plan on playing with my Gelli plate to make prints to use for my collage class.

  14. Just back from CHA and dying over all your new stencils!! Hopi.g to catch up on crafting, laundry and maybe even a little sledding this weekend 🙂

  15. What a wonderful stencil 😀
    Im going to my mothers this weekend, to introduce her to mixed media and make something together.

  16. We are sticking close to home this weekend, with some errands and church and meetings in there, as well as runs to the dance studio for dd. I do need to squeeze some creative time in there, too! 🙂

  17. Wow do I love that stencil!! Amazing!

    This weekend I plan on working on a new mixed media canvas, and a mixed media weaving project I have in mind.

  18. I hope to go skiing on sunday, and hop it will not be too cold – brrr.
    And I have an urge to scrap – haven’t done it all week because of a busy schedule 🙁
    Love this coral mask, btw – it ceetainly reminds me of a tree!

  19. This weekend I am playing Grandma to my gorgeous Grandson and undoubtedly we will do do some craft time together <3 and make backing pages for my art journal with the Gelli plate and stencil with different household objects..btw awewsome stencil up for winning.

  20. Don’t know how much crafting/mixed media I will be doing as I am watching my two grandsons. We will do some painting together. At 4 & 6 I usually let them use water color.

  21. When I first saw the thumbnail (on your FB page) I thought this was a fingerprint! It’s a wonderful stencil! Very cool!

    1. Also, I took a couple of classes (just some simple card making) this weekend. It was fun to get my Valentines going!

  22. The coral is so pretty. I can think of many wonderfully diverse applications for it. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Our weekend… also somber… both my husband’s father and my step-dad passed away in the last six weeks. It’s been terrible. So I’ve decided to clean out our basement so we can start making a lovely healing space for our moms when they come to visit. Hopefully we can make them a wonderful nest full of crafty things like a sewing station, paints etc. and a nice bedroom set up.

  23. I’d love to win!
    This weekend I plan to get together with several other artists to make collaborative artist papers. Each of us will begin a piece and then pass it to the next person to work on. We’re using parent sheets so that there will be large cuts of each paper for all of us when we’re finished.

  24. Hi everyone. What a nice stencil! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!
    This weekend i will visit my parents. It is very cold here in Holland and my mom was busy knitting, she made four …. I dont know how to call is, but is is made from wool or cotton and when you go out you can put it around your neck to stay warm. And we have got two m3 of fresh wood to timber, for in the fireplace. And we very much hope to scate on the ice here! So a busy weekend, i hope to have craftingtime on sunday.
    Greetings, Wanda

  25. I recently “discovered” the versatility of stencils and love the looks of this one. Lots of housework to catch up on this weekend – and some art journaling “homework” for a class I am in.

  26. I will be doing an unfortunately large amount of cleaning. And hopefully some monoprinting with a Gelli Plate, as well as some encaustic work. Once the cleaning is done. *sigh*…

  27. That stencil is funky, I love it!!! This weekend I need to finish sorting through mounds of baby cloths to get our nursery ready as we are expecting baby number 6 in 10 weeks. We have had boy, girl, boy, girl, boy…this one is a girl. Each baby we have had has me redoing the entire nursery and packing up boy/girl stuff to bring out the opposite. Lots of work. There is a plus side to having several kids of the same sex born in a row! lol If time allows, I will do a page or two in my scrapbook room! 😀

  28. I love using stencils as part of the layers of a collage or in an art journal. This weekend I have a collage to finish and a new one I want to start. Happy crafting!

  29. I live near Bellingham Bay. The beauty of water draws me each and every day. It is unpredictable, powerful, mysterious, and peaceful. The coral stencil reminds me of the bottom of the ocean and the beauty of the color in the fish and the plants that encourages creativity and joy. What will I do this weekend? Drive past the beauty of the bay, enjoy the green of the islands and the blue of the sky.

  30. I’m going to play with all of my new toys from the CHA. I took the mixed media class that gave away one of your stencils!!

  31. This weekend I am going to make some Valentines so I will be ready. I’m going to use some Gelatos and stencils for the background.

  32. This weekend, I will be attending a 2-day crop at my local store, Paper! Paper! on Market St. in Northampton, MA.

  33. this weekend I will be painting a house on the inside. Not a lot of fun – but boy will it look nice when I am done! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful template!

  34. I’ve been invited to a crop on Saturday, so I think I’ll work on either my heritage album or my “silver screen” movie-themed album. I’ll also be taking my daughter to and from her driver’s lessons and hopefully squeezing a little girl time with her!

  35. I love all your stencils!! I hope to clean some crappola out of my craft room so I can actually use it and to finally get brave enough to use my gelli plate still in its packaging with my brand new paints! Just wish I had a bigger stash of your stencils. 🙂

  36. I plan on going to Julie fei-fan Balzers 2day workshop on SantaAna so excited, she soil teach us how to use stencils in a variety of ways! Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Cool stencil! I will be spending the weekend with my parents! I am so happy to have some time to visit with them before I move to OH and then I will be 10 hours away from them. 🙁

  38. I agree, this stencil takes your breath away. I plan to do yard work this weekend. That is is it doesn’t rain. I live in Florida where it is time to start winter clean up and plant a spring garden!

  39. I have the best weekend planned. Going to visit “old” friends for my birthday this Sunday. We are going to a fiber art exhibit, getting pedicures, watching movies, and eating dinner out. Of course we’ll be eating ALL weekend I’m sure! Also, I just got a gelli plate from my husband for my birthday and I’m bringing that along to play with. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

  40. I love this stencil. I can imagine incorporating it into a quilt project. Quilting is what I will be doing this weekend.

  41. Love, love, love stencils! Hope to spend lots of time in the studio splashing around with all those beautiful collars!

  42. What a wonderful stencil – this weekend I’m playing with my mini flower frenzy stencil for a swap. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and the perfect occasion

  43. Hi There ! I am very excited about this weekend as I just got my husband and myself into a dance class. I took dance lessons when I was 14 and have not been dancing the classical way since than (feels like a 100 years). So, I am really looking forward to be dancing on my brothers wedding with my lovely husband in March ! Have a great weekend everybody !

  44. I will be spending the weekend attending a bead meeting and Intergem. Hopefully, with a little time left over to create something.

  45. Beautiful! Welcome addition for my beach layouts! Cleaning my craft room this weekend. I used lots of CW stencils for my Christmas tags, cards, and projects. Thank you for adding this and all the other beautiful new designs to the CW collection.

  46. I’m working on my art journals, playing, experimenting, clipping, snipping, stamping, taping, transferring and anything else that comes to mind. Not much I’d rather be doing.

  47. I adore this stencil..fantastic for adding yummy texture and it will make a wonderful tree! Can’t wait to use it. Thank you 🙂

  48. great stencil. have been looking for something to use in backgrounds for watery projects. this will work well.

  49. Love, love, love Crafter’s Workshop stencils…all of them!! Excellent quality and reasonably priced = perfection!! This tree stencil is awesome!

  50. What a lovely stencil – I see the tree in it, and trees are one of my favorite things in nature! I’m going to sleep in and catch up this weekend.

  51. I LOVE this stencil!! But then again I love ALL the stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop! I ordered in quiet a few at my local craft shop and as she didn’t stock them she ordered more for her shop, and guess what??? She sold the lot! Needless to say she is getting more in lol!

  52. I have been organizing my craft supplies this weekend, but I also have been trying out new supplies that I just got. Too much fun!!

  53. Another beautiful stencil. It’s inspired me to get out the ones I already have and play this weekend.

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