Giveaway Week – Day Five

Hi everyone!!

Ready for more giveaways? So let’s get on with our last day:


This is another stencil that took my breath away. What a perfect one to create a magnificent circle on a large piece!

To win a chance to receive this stencil at 6×6 size, please leave us a comment and if you want to have an extra chance to win, you can also Like our Facebook page. (Please note that these are brand new stencils and are not available yet. You will be first in line when they start shipping.)

In your comment tell us about something you can celebrate from this week.

And there we go, we hope you enjoyed this week of giveaways!!

All the winners will be announced on Monday, January 21.


104 thoughts on “Giveaway Week – Day Five

  1. Another beautiful stencil, Julie has outdone herself! This week I celebrate my sister’s birthday, we live far apart but w facetime, emails, phone calls we stay connected. I love to make cards and mixed media art to give away to my family (I only hope they like it as much as I do!!). Thanks for the week of giveaways!

  2. What a stunning stencil!! I can celebrate family. My husband’s cousins and our children are all coming over for a chile cook-off and family night this evening. ~ Blessings, Tracey

  3. This one is also great. We celebrate the 50th birthday of my best friend. I made a mixed media book for her and used lot of templates. Maybe her birthday will bring me luck.

  4. This stencil is so gorgeous, I love the pattern and the fact that it can create a circle. Cool! I’ll be celebrating my brother’s visit home, he lives in another country.

  5. I met my sister in law in Kansas City at the beginning of the week! We had a really good time together.

  6. OMG! I love the new designs coming out. I’m such a circle freak this quarter wedge of a circle really appeals to me. My head is racing with ideas for this one. I’m sure you’ll be seeing it used in many future pieces in my blog! Keep them coming!

    1. OOPS! Forgot to leave a celebration comment with my post! Got too excited and prematurely hit the send button! Ha!

      Lots to celebrate this week — I had a checkup with my Oncologist — all clean, 6 years out! Thank you God!!! I’m also celebrating my recent weight loss from my WW meeting Thursday night, and hope to celebrate the same for weeks to come! Honestly, I celebrate every day when I wake up in the morning!!!

  7. Another great stencil, just beautiful! Something to celebrate from this week…..reading with my daughter. We’ve graduated to short chapter books and all this week she has wanted to curl up under the covers in my bed after we get home from school and read. It’s been wonderful!

  8. Love this stencil! I’m going to need to mortgage the house to get all the new stencils…love them ALL! This week I celebrate completing my first “big” pencil drawing for the class I’m taking…I can actually say I like it and might even frame it…LOL!

  9. I looooooove this one. Something to celebrate . . . just the everyday happiness of being with my little family. 🙂

  10. Images of wrought iron scrollwork & Victorian style are what I see gazing at the new stencil! This week, I celebrate health, sparkly snow & family! Keep the stencils coming!

  11. I can’t wait to start creating beautiful art with this stencil. It reminds me of the lovely wrought iron that I see when I visit Charleson, SC. It’s one of my favorite places, with lots of history, unique architecture, food, and art. I can see using it to create backgrounds for picture I’ve taken while visiting there.
    A very dear friend is coming for a visit this weekend. We don’t get to see each other much, since she lives 4 hours away and has a large family. This stencil reminds me of the week we spent at the beach near Charleston with all the kids and the fun we had! So here’s to celebrating memories and makes new one, and using your stencils on my layouts to remembering them.

  12. We have rush passes to the local live theater and tonight we’re going to see Philadelphia Story. We’re so excited and live theater is definitely something worth celebrating.

    Love the new stencil. So practical and gorgeous too!

  13. Oh my, I could make such beautiful doilies with this stencil!!!! TCW you are going to have my wallet so thin after this CHA is over and the products hit the stores. 🙂

  14. I “liked” The Crafters Workshop on Facebook. This week I celebrated getting some home projects done.

  15. What a beautiful fan!! I love it! I can see this on some oriental projects!
    I can celebrate that I have a beautiful family. Especially for my hunky hubby and my mischevious little boys!

  16. Great great stencil!!
    I am going to celebrate my sister, she has asked me to give a workshop about cardmaking in her church this spring, we will go through my examples and her expectations (and my fears!!)
    Greetings, Wanda
    And thanks again for this great week of giveaways!

  17. I just adore this stencil! I can’t wait to use all of the new Crafters’ve out done yourselves this year, they’re all simply amazing. Thank you.

  18. i will be celebrating staying inside to catch up on cleaning and reorganizing closets and the pantry because it is going to be very cold outside for a few days.

  19. OHMYGOSH! This stencil is on my “IMUSTHAVEIT” list! I celebrated the friendship of strong, passionate, creative women this week at my quilt guild’s retreat. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  20. great stencil! I celebrated that it is Friday and no school for the kids on Monday (ie. no homework assignments Monday night 🙂 )!

  21. How fun is this stencil, I can see so many possibilities! I celebrate my good health, and that of my wonderful family.

  22. Beautiful stencil. Would love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity. I am with dear friends this weekend to celebrate one friends birthday on Saturday and my birthday on Sunday. Many fun things planned — pedicures, art exhibit, dinner out, eating, eating, and more eating! I love celebrating with special friends! It’s going to be a memorable weekend. I “liked” your FB page the first day of giveaways.

  23. stencils are one of the first tools I grab when working on a creative piece…… this stencil would be a super addition to my collection of tools.

  24. I absolutely love this new stencil! It is beautiful!
    I can be thankful and celebrate the amazing weather we are having right now!! 🙂

  25. Celebrating life! Everyday and always celebrating life!! Love your products! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  26. This week I am celebrating converting our office room in our home to my art studio! Really enjoying moving in and getting everything all set up!! 🙂

  27. Oh boy my biggest reason for celebration is for the first time in a week I slept last night I have been sleeping less than 2 hours – for me I realize the joy of sleeping

  28. Love this stencil. Celebrating our son’s first winter break from college, and how great his first semester was. Now it’s time to go back.

  29. Gorgeous new stencil. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. You guys always come up with the best designs.
    Celebrating this week: the sale of my fabric collages. I just posted them on Etsy and they are selling like hot cakes. Yeah!

  30. Well we are hoping to celebrate our Patriots going to the Superbowl (kick off 1/2 hour ago)….so fingers crossed for that and the chance to win this beautiful stencil. Thanks for the chance.

  31. This is one of my favorites from the CHA release!

    Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and I’m very glad we were able to celebrate as a family!

  32. Another stunning stencil that gets the creative juices flowing!!! I hope I win!
    Thanks for the chance.

  33. Lovely stencil! I celebrate that my grandmother was moved from the hospital to a rehab center after her series of falls last week. I send her mail to cheer her up and the stencil would be fun to play with for mail art.

  34. Ok I love them I want each and every one of them. Not sure if Hubby will be to happy but I will just have mailman make sure his car is not home when he drops off/ Or he can hide them in my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  35. I love this stencil! Lovely….loads of possibilities! My celebration of the week is getting prepared for MLK Day of Service early. The event is tomorrow, but I was able to get everything organized for our volunteers last week! A true blessing!

  36. Ooh! I saw this on Julie’s blog, one of my faves from her new sets! Hmmm, what can we celebrate this week? How about the fact that I finally got to have a date night with my husband this week? Last time we had a date night was for our 11 year anniversary last October!

  37. This stencil is beautiful! Unfortunately this is not a week for celebrating for me, as my brother-in-law just passed away. But next week we will be celebrating my husband’s and daughter’s birthdays.

  38. Love the new stencil. This week I get to spend time with my awesome grandson – nothing better! This is def worthy of celebration.

  39. I am celebrating the most amazing journal I made with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! I got to use all her new stencils and they are awesome!!!

  40. Beautiful stencil! I’m celebrating our wonderful vacation which is just about to come to an end! Thanks for the giveaway pop.

  41. Hope I can get in on this giveaway – Just logged in on FB at 11:45 pm. Thanks for the chance. I would create a journal page, of course!!

    Carmen L

  42. My husband comes home in only one more week. He travels a lot for work, but it never really gets easier. LOVE all the new stencils!

  43. Already a FB fan, This week I will mostly be celebrating the fact i’m getting myself back out to work, even if it is only volunteering and not a paid job, but its a start to my health recovery.

  44. Where have I been? I just discovered this promotion… Love, love love this stencil!
    I celebrate my husband having dinner ready when I got home from church yesterday and he vacuumed and did the dishes! That’s worthy of a celebration if I ever heard of one! ♥

  45. Oops – didn’t read the whole post in my excitement. I am quietly celebrating that my daughter prayed out loud for the group when asked by the youth pastor. She shies away from that sort of thing, but she did fine, and I’m a proud mom!

  46. Beautiful stencil.
    I am celebrating the life of my daughter. She is fighting RSV and feeling miserable. When she’s struggling to breathe, its so scary. Makes me cherish good health and life a little more.

  47. Oooh I love this one!! Thanks for the chance!
    This week, I am celebrating holding strong on my New Years resolution, to get healthy 🙂

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