Butterfly cards

Hi there Creative folk, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here today to share some more handmade cards…. because well handmade is definitely the best, and everyone could use a little something unexpected in their letter box right now that brings a smile to their face.

2 cards with ombre background in lime, green and blue with black flying butteflies on top and a hello greeting

TCW provided me with some amazing goodies but the opinions and art are solely my own.

As soon as I saw this NEW Butterfly Stencil, I knew it would make perfect cards. I decided to go with an analogous color scheme, as well they just look so pretty, and paired with black and white they really pop!

I began with a sheet of watercolor paper and cut it in half. This forms the base for my cards.

I then gathered a few colors in the Color Sparks Powders – these are wonderful for making your own watercolors, and you can vary the strength of the color by adjusting the amount of powder and water. Super fun to play with! I selected the TCW9057 Poolside Pack as this contains 2 shades of green (Chartreuse and Lime Green) and a blue (Cerulean Blue). The link between these two colors is a Turquoise which is in the TCW9058 Alpine Pack. As these all sit next to each other on the color wheel, they are harmonious and soothing to the eye.

On my paint palette, I added 4 blobs of water, and then added a sprinkle of color to each. Once blended, I used a flat brush to apply it across my page, from left to right in even strokes. I focused on a quarter of the page as I had 4 colors in total. I began with Chartreuse, and then moved to Lime Green.

adding colorsparx powder to water to create own watercolors and then applying these to card

I continued this on with Turquoise and Cerulean Blue. Love this rainbow background and the way the colors blend into one another.

Allow to dry and then using some washi tape in just a few spots, adhere NEW stencil TCW2318 Flying Butterflies . Use a plastic palette knife, to swipe TCW9009 Black Modeling Paste over the butterflies, just like you would spread icing.

Gently lift up the stencil and place immediately in water. Allow to dry.

ombre background created with colorsparx watercolors. Place down butterfly stencil and smear black modeling paste over stencil

At this point, I had a bit of watercolor left so I added a touch more water, and repeated the Ombre background process. I was really happy with the softer color palette that adding more water created.

I decided this time, whilst it was still a bit damp to lay down one of the NEW Geometric stencils – TCW969 Illusions and I gently rubbed with a damp baby wipe. Not too much, just a little.

applying a geometric stencil to watercolor cardstock and rubbing gently

When I lifted the stencil, I really LOVED the result!

subtle stenciled background

I then repeated the process with the Black Modeling Paste and butterfly stencil.

This is the two card backgrounds it created. I’m much happier with the one on the right. The subtle stencil texture in the background just creates extra interest.

two cards with ombre effect in limes and blues with black butterflies

So I decide to see if it’s not too late to fill in some of the spaces on the one on the left.

I found a NEW Stencil with a smaller repetitive pattern – TCW966 Marrakesh Tiles, and moved this gradually around the gaps, rubbing gently with a damp baby wipe.

rubbing gently through a stencil with a wet baby wipe

It kind of worked (not quite as well as the other one, but I’m happier with some extra texture in there). So now I have these two creations.

the very gentle backgrounds created

Ok, time to turn them into cards. I trimmed them down – this removes the edges where the water can pool a little, and it gives a cleaner finish.

I’m keen to pop these cards into neighbors letter boxes or leave them on their doorstep as a nice little surprise, so the ‘hello’ from the stamp set TCW2201 Sending Love is the perfect sentiment. I stamped it using Black Archival Ink onto cardstock, and then cut it out. I adhered with some Mounting tape to give it some height.

trimming down card and then stamping a hello sentiment

Mounting them onto white cardstock really helps them to pop.

There you have it, two gorgeous cards that will brighten anyone’s day!

hello sentiment attached to front of cards using foam tape
finished cards in lime and blue and butterflies with pops of black and white

Don’t you love it when you play around with your crafty supplies, and discover a NEW technique!! I do hope you give it a go.

If you’d like to see more of my colorful creations, head to my Instagram account – I do pop a lot over there!

Don’t forget to keep using the hashtag #tcwstencillove as we love seeing your creations!

Much love and color,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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