Because home-made cards are the best…

Hello there creative souls.

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa here today to share some cards I recently created using stencils and my Gel Press. I really don’t get this out often enough, and when I do I have a blast!

So let’s take a look at what I created…..

Set of 8 cards with backgrounds created using gel press and stencils

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the art and opinions are mine.

4 cards with flowers and rainbows using pink, yellow and orange ombre background
set of 4 cards created using ombre effect in blues and greens

I love how fresh and vibrant they are. Simple, and usable for any occasion.

They really are easier than they look! So let’s go through the steps so you can create your own rainbow stencil cards.

inks, gel press and fine stencils

I began by gathering my 5×7 Gel Plate, some archival ink and a couple of stencils that had some fine details. These will become the background of the cards. I selected TCW5016 Quattrefoil and TCW948 Framed Flowers in the 6×6 size.

I used Archival Ink in Chrome Yellow, Bright Tangelo and Cactus Flower. I splodged them (technical term for bounced up and down vertically). I began with the yellow and moved across from left to right with the orange and purple. As I LOVE color, I DID NOT use a brayer! I find this mutes the colors a little. Bouncing them helps the color to stay strong and vibrant and allows them to merge for an ombre effect.

I then lay down the TCW5016 Quattrefoil Stencil, then lay down white card on top of this, rubbing gently. Then gently lift the card and you get this gorgeous effect!

step by step of pulling a gel print

Now lift up the stencil, and lay down another piece of card and rub again. This will give you the ghost print – 2 card backgrounds in one pull!

pulling ghost print

Now I repeated the above steps, this time using the floral stencil TCW948 Framed Flowers.

This resulted in these…….

backgrounds created using ombre ink in pink, yellow and orange.

Absolutely gorgeous!! So happy with the result, that I’m keen to try a different color combo.

So I repeat the above process using Archival Ink in Vivid Chartreuse, Garden Patina and Manganese Blue.

pulling a floral print in blues and greens using a stencil and gel press

I complete the two pulls with the two stencils to get these…

blue and green backgrounds for cards. One in floral one in geometrics

Now I have 8 card backgrounds to play with.

I really love the fresh look so I decided to keep things simple (doesn’t sound like me hey?!?)

I pulled out some stamps that work perfectly for cards and had some fun stamping and cutting.

I began with the pinks and yellows Quatrrefoil background and stamp TCW2204 When it Rains.

I stamped a few of the stars directly onto the background and then stamped the Rainbow and a couple of clouds onto white card, and cut them out. I also used a couple of sayings from stamp TCW2205 Sprinkle Kindness. I then layered this altogether. SO CUTE!!

stamping sayings and rainbows and clouds onto backgrounds
completed rainbow cards in bright pink orange and yellow

I repeated this for the Blues and greens background. I had fun trying it out with black ink, and adding in colored ink too.

Such a fun and happy card……

completed rainbow cards using blues and greens.

Ok time to move on to those floral backgrounds.

These are just so lovely as they are that I decided to leave them, and just stamp a saying onto the front.

I used stamps from TCW2202 Love You Flowers and TCW2200 Thankyou Hearts.

adding text to floral backgrounds
completed floral cards x 2 in yellow pink and orange

Then repeated this for the other color combo…

completed floral cards x 2 in blues and greens

There you have it! I can imagine this technique with all sorts of color combinations, and all sorts of stencils. You really get a great result with minimum effort!! And the best part…. you have 8 cards to tuck away.

4 cards in pink, yellow and orange. simple yet fresh
4 cards in ombre blue and green. Simple and fresh

Note to self – I must get my Gel Press out more often!! It’s so fun and I love that you can keep it simple like these prints, or layer up the color for something more in depth.

I hope this has inspired you to create some backgrounds with your stencils.

Don’t forget we love seeing what you get up to with all things TCW, so tag us using #tcwstencillove.

Wishing you loads of color and love (you’ll find more of MY color on Instagram.)

Thanks for stopping by

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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