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Hello Creatives! Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here today to share a colorful Art Journal Page with you all…….

art journal page in blue, green and yellow with hanging hearts and leaves

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the art and the ideas are solely my own.

I really love the happy bright colors in this one!

quote - the stronger you become the gentler you will be

There’s a fun technique in this page, that will show you how to create your own stamps/die cuts, simply by using a combo of a couple of stencils.

So let’s take a look…..

I began by applying a layer of TCW9001 White Gesso to my page and allow to dry.

I then smooshed a bit of paint into two opposite corners, just using my fingers. I used Art by Marlene Mermaid and Happy and then lay down stencil TCW942 Tulip Hexagon by Balzer Designs and using a damp baby wipe, I removed some of the paint through the stencil.

Art by Marlene paint dries super fast, so you need to work quickly (do not overthink the smooshing!)

beginning the page - aqua and yellow in opposite corners

This is the beginnings of the background, so it does not need to be perfect!!

I then repeated this using a touch of Art by Marlene Envy.

adding a touch of green and stencil work

Next, I added some more Mermaid paint, and removed some of the paint with a wet baby wipe through stencil TCW948 Framed flowers by Rebekah Meier. I applied this on opposite sides again.

I then used stencil TCW876 Screen View, again by Rebekah Meier. I laid it down and sponged Art by Marlene Smurf paint through it in sections, using a makeup sponge. I focused this around the edges of the page, coming towards the center.

adding some flowers using a stencil and aqua paint and adding some grid patterns to edges

I then repeated the above two steps using just a hint of Dina Wakley Lapis. I just felt it needed some depth of color.

the background is complete by adding a touch of dark blue in places

Background complete, time to add focal points. For this part, I am going to make my own stamps or diecuts.

I grabbed stencil TCW5035 Single Heart. I lay this down on the page exactly where I wanted a heart shape.

I then grabbed stencil TCW737 Love Sonnet by Balzer Designs, and lay it over the top of the heart stencil. I then sponged black paint over the top of the two layered stencils. I then removed the top stencil and whilst the bottom one is still in place, traced around the edge using a black paint pen.

lay down a heart stencil then add another stencil on top and sponge through this with black paint. This creates your own embellishments

I repeated this step using TCW539 Patterns (dot), and TCW886 Shape Landscape (stripe), both by Balzer Designs.

I created 3 hearts on the bottom right hand side of the page, and 2 hearts on the top left.

Now you can see that I mucked up the stamping on the dotted one!! Too much paint on my sponge! But never fear – I just recreated the entire step onto white cardstock, cut it out and adhered it atop the error using TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium. No one will ever know (oh except I’ve told You!!) Lol. Just so it didn’t look out of place, I did the same to another heart – now it looks like it was part of the plan all along!

repeating the process to make 5 hanging hearts

I then added some lines and doodling so it looks like the hearts are hanging!

I then used stencil TCW2300 Gentle Leaves Slimline and traced around those gorgeous leaves, ensuring I stayed near the hearts. This helps to create focal points.

tracing a stencil with leaves to create detail and more layers

Time to add the finishing details – some flicks of paint, a border, a quote and some hand written journaling.

close up of personal journaling which talks about being gentle with yourself and others

adding lines and doodling so the hearts look like they hang

Here’s a few close ups….

2 hearts on the top left corner
3 hearts on the bottom right corner
close up of the hearts -  one has words, one has dots, one has stripes

Thanks for joining me today, I hope I’ve inspired you to layer up your stencils and create your own embellishments. So many possibilities!!

If you’d like to see more of my work you can head to my BLOG.

Don’t forget to use the tag #tcwstencillove when sharing your work, as we love seeing what you are creating. You inspire US!

Much love and gentleness,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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