Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am sharing with you a stenciled TCW9072 Mixed Media Sign Board in honour of my American friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Finished mixed media sign board using stencil and stencil butters.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.

The opinions I share are solely my own.

TCW Product Used:

TCW9072 Mixed Media Sign Board

TCW9002 Black Gesso 

TCW2423 Cornucopia stencil 

TCW9080 Champagne Gold Stencil Butter 

TCW9061 Chartreuse Stencil Butter  

TCW9068 Marigold Stencil Butter

TCW9067 Gamboge Stencil Butter 

TCW9066 Orchid Stencil Butter

TCW9063 Ocean Blue Stencil Butter 

TCW9070 Terre Verte Stencil Butter 

TCW9069 Crimson Stencil Butter 

TCW9025 Plastic Palette Knife 

To start my project, I used a 16.5” x 6” TCW9072 Mixed Media Sign Board and covered the entire surface with a layer of TCW9002 Black Gesso using a brush.

Using a brush, I applied a layer of TCW9002 Black Gesso over the entire surface of TCW9072 Mixed Media Sign Board.

I then gathered all my stencil butters and TCW2473 Cornucopia Stencil, along with some masking tape and TCW9025 Plastic Palette Knife .

Collect all your favourite stencil butters, TCW2423 Cornicopia stencil, masking tape and palette knife to start this project.

Now the fun begins. I taped off sections of the stencil using masking tape and spread the appropriate colours of Stencil Butters through the stencil using the palette knife. This took a couple days to do, as I allowed each colour to air ry before reapplying the stencil and colouring a different section.

Use masking tape to mask off sections of the stencil that you want to spread the stencil butters into. Let dry between colours.

The result was worth it!

Close up of stencil butters applied through the stencil.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

Finished mixed media board.

Thanks for taking the time to see my project for today!

We would love to see your projects made with TCW products!

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Happy Creating!!


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