Junk Journal Joy….. I’ve got it covered!

Hello lovely creatives, Tammy aka Tambarambaa here today to share something I’ve been working on ….. a journal created using the Eileen Hull die and matboard……. so much you can do with these, and how fun to create your own journal and use up all the bits and pieces lying about the place!

A journal created using matboard and painted with lots of stencils and pink, yellow, blue and aqua paint and black and white stripes

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the art and opinions are solely my own.

art journal with painted cover created with stencils by The Crafters Workshop

So let’s take a look at how it came together.

This is the large Journal Cover and it has been cut from a matboard. I gave it a quick coat of TCW9001 White Gesso to begin.

adding white gesso to the album covers

Once dry, I began to add colour. I added yellow paint (Art by Marlene’s ‘Happy’) to a couple of spots and then placed stencil TCW931 Collarette Dahlia over these spots, and using a wet baby wipe, removed paint through the stencil.

I then repeated this using Art by Marlene ‘Mermaid’. I worked in areas of threes as this creates a visual triangle.

adding blue and yellow paint to areas of the journal covers and a floral stencil

I then added some pink paint (Art by Marlene ‘Ballet’) and removed sections using TCW2314 Punch Card Slimline. I also added the paint through this stencil using the paint and a makeup sponge. This creates both the negative and positive of the stencil, and gives a lovely blended effect.

I also added some blue (Art by Marlene ‘Smurf’).

adding a checkerboard pattern with a stencil and pink paint and blue paint

I then added TCW9001 white gesso over some larger patches, and lay down stencil TCW460 Ring Doily and rubbed off the gesso using a wet wipe. I ensured that I allowed the doily to only partially be on the album cover – I wanted a flowing feel, not for it to feel centered.

adding a doily stencil to the cover

Now it’s time to add in some black. I really love the effect of some black and white stripes along a couple of the edges, so firstly I sponged some TCW9002 Black Gesso through the stencil TCW5009 Stripes. I then added TCW9001 White Gesso in between the black stripes using a paint brush – don’t be too worried about the straight edges/lines at this point, because the final step is to come back in with the black, lining up the stencil and repeating the sponging. This creates lovely crisp lines.

adding black and white stripes to a few edges of the journal using a stencil

I also sponged TCW9002 Black Gesso through the awesome stencil TCW384 Well Rounded. This stencil is used pretty constantly around here and gives a lovely messy painted feel.

stenciling plaint splats using black gesso

I also added an arty quote using an Art by Marlene Stamp, and a splattery stamp too, plus added black to the edges.

the completed covers - the front says 'paint your heart out' and the colours are bold and bright

At this point, I’m really happy with the outcome, so I add a couple of strips of washi tape to the front and back and add TCW9002 Black Gesso to the spine. The tape gives it a lovely crisp edge.

painting the spine with black gesso

Remove the tape and glue the two spines together and you have a cover!

the completed art journal cover in black white yellow, blue pink and aqua

This process was repeated for the insides too.

Now it’s time to finish off the finer details. I added black hat elastic through each of the three holes at the top and bottom. This forms the binding that will hold the junk journals into place.

adding black and white stripes to two chipboard hearts

I then added a clasp to the edge, which I created using the extra bits and pieces that are cut from this Eileen Hull die. I painted it with TCW9002 Black Gesso and then added a velcro dot for a closure. I felt it needed something a little extra, so I found a couple of chipboard hearts, and following the process above created stripes on them. I then adhered one to the closure and tied the other to one of the elastics.

the inside covers of the art journal

I also added a crystal and wing to the edging.

adding a heart to the spine with an angel wing charm and a crystal

To protect the album cover, I gave it a coat of TCW9006 Gloss Gel Medium.

coat the album in gloss gel medium to protect it

Once dry I added in the little junk journals that I had created out of leftover bits and pieces of paper I had laying around. I simply sewed straight down the center of all the pages and slipped them into the elastics.

a glimpse inside the art journal

There you go! A brand new album just waiting to be messed up and painted!!! Let the fun begin!

A big SHOUT OUT and thankyou to Eileen Hull for allowing us to play with your amazing journal covers.

Have you created a junk journal yet? Or have you painted your art journal cover yet? Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming, so why not give this a go. It’s easy and super effective!!

If you’d like to see more of my colorful work, just head to MY BLOG, or I do share a lot on Instagram, so you can find me there too. I love connecting with other artsy folk!

Don’t forget to tag us using #tcwstencillove when you create with anything by The Crafter’s Workshop. We absolutely love seeing your creations.

Until next time, wishing you light and color,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – TCW Design Team Member

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