Slimline Sunflower Cards

Happy Monday Morning!

Do you have a few large gel prints lying around? Not sure what to do with them?
Why not add a stencil and some butter!

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

Today, I am using the 12×12 JoyFul Sunflower TCW575 by Carmen Medlin and six different Stencil Butters.

I made this print with acrylic paint but felt sorry for my sweet print, so I made a color copy.
This way, you can easily stamp on it, and the texture is smooth.

TCW575 Joyful Sunflower

First, plan your card/stencil layout. I cut the gel print into two slimline panels, 8.5 x 3.5, and used washi tape to adhere to the stencil.

I decided to make two identical cards with the same butters… yeah, who was I kidding??!!
Of course, I would get bored with the same thing!

So for the first card, I used (in order) TCW9067 Gamboge, then TCW9068 Marigold,
and lastly, TCW9080 Champagne Gold.

Lightly apply the butters over each other with your palette knife. Don’t try to control where you place the next color and stay “inside the stencil.” This technique will give it a more organic feel. This TCW9080 Champagne Gold makes for beautiful highlights on the leaves.

Now to the other side. I used (in order) TCW9065 Fuschia, CW9066 Orchid, and, lastly, TCW9064 Turquoise.

This TCW9064 Turquoise is gorgeous!! Carefully remove the panels and let them dry. You can speed up the process and use a heat gun. Be mindful of your heat tool; the butters can bubble with too much heat.

Align the dried panels back into the stencil and tape it again. Now, for the centers of the sunflower. I used TCW9039 Copper Penny Modeling Paste for the yellow flower and then a mixture of colors for the pink one: TCW9061 Chartreuse and TCW9080 Champagne Gold.

Finish the cards by adding doodles with Posca Pens and a white gel pen.

This sentiment was made from alpha dies and glued onto a black strip of card stock.

I hope you enjoyed today’s card and will try these yummy stencil butters!!

Talk soon,


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