An art journal spread with the new stencils.


I want to share an art journal spread with you. I hope you like it.

Mixed media art journal spread

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me some products to work with, but the opinions I share here are solely my own.

I made this journal spread in an A4 sized sketch book. I primed the pages with TCW9007 Clear gesso.

After the gesso dried, I applied acrylic paints with a palette knife.

Next, I applied TCW9067 Gamboge stencil butter through the new TCW937 Rows of Lines stencil.

Art journal spread background texture with acrylic paints, stencil butters, stamps and inks

Added more texture with acrylic paints and TCW 942 Tulip Hexagons, TCW936 Messy Writing and TCW 941 Rainbow Montage stencils.

Background texture of art journal spread
Art journal

Next, I applied TCW9069 Crimson and TCW9067 Gamboge stencil butters through the TCW2421 Blowing leaves Sign stencil with the TCW9025 Palette knife.

Lastly, I added some journaling and few quotes.

Art journal page
Mix media journal spread
Mix media journal spread with the Crafter's Workshop acrylic mediums, stencils

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Take care,

Saadia Nawaz

The Crafter’s Workshop design team member.

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