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Hello Everyone! Happy Monday!

For those of you who know me, I can smack talk with the best of them! And sometimes, it does get me into trouble! But I’m OK with that!!! LOL!

Anyways… my youngest son moved out of the house a couple months ago, moved back in a couple weeks ago, and is now moving out next week… (GF troubles), so obviously I have done a lot of smack talking these past couple weeks! In order to try and let “stuff” go, I turn to my art journal to get those emotions out and on paper. I find it very therapeutic and helps me talk less smack!

Finish art journal spread using stencil butters and stencils.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Product Used:

TCW9066 Stencil Butter – Orchid  

TCW9064 Stencil Butter – Turquoise 

TCW9065 Stencil Butter – Fushia 

TCW9063 Stencil Butter – Ocean Blue 

TCW876 Stencil – Screen View 

TCW2165 Stencil – Ombre Dots 

TCW9037 Grecian Gold Modeling Paste 

TCW9025 Plastic Palette Knife

I grab my 8”x8’ black journal, and my favourite colors of TCW Stencil Butters and a palette knife. For this I am using TCW9066 Stencil Butter – Orchid, TCW9064 Stencil Butter – Turquoise, TCW9065 Stencil Butter – Fushia , and TCW9063 Stencil Butter – Ocean Blue

I am using an 8" x 8" black journal for this spread. I use TCW Pallett Knife to spread a thick coat of the following colors of Stencil Butters.... TCW9066 Orchid, TCW9064 Turquoise, TCW9065 Fushia and TCW9063 Ocean Blue. Spread these colours over the entire page.

I use the palette knife and spread a generous portion of TCW Stencil Butter in Fushia, Turquoise, Ocean Blue and then Orchid across my page.

Layers of thick stencil butter over the page.

I used my heat gun to dry it a bit, not completely as I need it a bit wet for the next step.
I used TCW876 Stencil – Screen View and laid in down onto my stencil butter. I use a baby wipe to remove some random areas of the stencil butter.

Dry the stencil butter a bit with a heat gun. Layer YCW876 Stencil, Screen View over random areas of the page and wipe away some of the stencil butter using a baby wipe.
Image showing the stencil area wiped off and the overlapping layers of colour.
Don’t you just love the overlaying of colors from moving the stencil around?

After this has dried for a bit, I place TCW876 Stencil Ombre Dots over my page, and use TCW palette knife to spread some of TCW9037 Grecian Gold Modeling Paste through random dots covering my spread.  

Spread some TCW9037 Grecian Gold Modeling Paste through TCW 876 Stencil Ombre Dots using TCW palette knife randomly over the page.
Image showing Ombre Dots on page.

To finish off, I used a white gel pen to outline some of the Ombre dots, added some white splatters using white India ink, added some washi tape, my image from Pinterest, and a computer generated quote.

And I have to be honest.. I do do this! LOL! Do you??

I added some white splatters using white India ink, outlined some of the Ombre Dots using a white gel pen, added some washi tape, my ladies, and a sentiment!

Thanks for taking the time to see my project for today!

We would love to see your projects made with TCW products!

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Happy Creating!!


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