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Hello Everyone! It has been a long month! I took the month off to organize the people in my life… DH had minor (he thinks it was the most horrific thing) surgery; DS#1 had a business partner that left and left a set of books that were disasterous that I am helping him out with; DS#2 moved out with his girlfriend (a long story); and I am waiting for a specialist to call re: some health issue I have but have been told because of Covid… that won’t happen for 6 months! Life happens!!! I just HAD to create! So here you go…

Finished art journal spread entitled Life Happens, Get a Grip using TCW products.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.

The opinions I share are solely my own.

Product Used:

TCW9001 – White Gesso

TCW879 Stencil Gauze 

TCW2163 Stencil Twinkle 

TCW9025 Plastic Palette Knife 

TCW2163 Stencil Butter Terre Verte

Sometimes when I feel life is happening all around me, I find it best to start off my art journal was a bunch of writing. I get all my thoughts down on paper, both good and bad, and just write away! It is very therapeutic… you should try it if you haven’t!

So, the first step is to grab your favourite pen or pencil and write your heart out. I write across the page, up and down, and even horizontally if need be. No one can read this, but I know what it says.

I started this art journal page by using a pencil and writing all my thoughts and feelings across the page diagonally and vertically. Doin this, hids your journaling... only you know what it says.

Then use a paintbrush a TCW9001 White Gesso, spread it over the entire page.

 You may be able to still see the writing but that is OK.

After writing, I applied a layer of TCW9001 White Gesso over the entire writing using a brush.

For the next step, I used some Island Parrot, Mushy Peas and Lemon Zest Dylusions Paint and rubbed these colors randomly over TCW879 Gauze stencil! Rather appropriate for this page given my hubby’s surgery! LOL!

Use green and yellow paints through TCW879 stencil, Gauze using a makeup sponge.
Photo showing paint through the stencil.

Once that dried, I used my favourite Stencil Butter… TCW2163 Stencil Butter  Terre Verte, and applied it over TCW 2163 Stencil Twinkle, using TCW Palette Knife.

Using TCW2163 Stencil Twinkle, I applied some TCW9070Terre Verte Stencil Butter over the entire page with a TCW Palette Knife
Close up of Stencil Butter after applied.

After a couple hours of drying, I finished my art journal spread off by outlining some of the gauze squares with a black pen, added some black splatters, some washi tape at the bottom, a photo and of course my snarky little sentiment!

I added some black splatters, some washit tape at the bottom of my spread, a photo and a snarky sentiment.

I have posted this on my fridge for my hubby and sons to see… they were not amused! LOL!

I was and that is all that matters!

Thanks for taking the time to see my project for today!

We would love to see your projects made with TCW products!

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Happy Creating!!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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