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Hello TCW friends

Creative time does not always have to be planned and a project does not have to be completed in one sitting. Getting to the craft table – even for 15 minutes – and getting your hands moving is the most important thing.

This video will shows a follow-on tag that I made, in between projects, using left over embellishments from my last video and left over texture paste from a stencil I had used on another project. This is how I usually clean off texture paste from my stencils, I keep small substrates handy to wipe off most of the paste and then I have pre-done substrates ready to use at any time.

So this… is a side project, if you will, and it is bright – that is why it is called BRIGHT SIDE. It is a project that I completed whilst waiting for larger journal pages to dry or moments when I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands. Hope you enjoy what I created!

– The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own –

The Crafter’s Workshop products used within this page

Just a quick mention of the floral embellishments that I made last video using TCW601 – Poppy Field. I am loving them and have used them on a few different projects. I made extras and have begun adding them into my planner and into small journaling projects. Below you can see a different colour flower I added to a recent, small journal page… too easy!

If you enjoy seeing a project come together quickly there is a short video below of today’s project. Captions will let you know what products I have used along the way

Here is a quick step-by-step of how I made this tag…

1 – So I start with some blank tags and a TCW750 – Dahlia blooms stencil that has left over TCW9004 – Light & Fluffy modeling paste on it. I scrape the excess paste off the stencil and onto the tag. I let the tags dry well.

TIP: When using a stencil with texture pastes… rather than just throwing into water to wash, most would scrape off the excess texture paste and put back into the jar. If you do this whilst positioned over a small substrate you still save most of the paste, but you also get some great smaller pieces, pre-pasted, that you can use later, whilst other projects are drying or when you want to do some quick crafting without getting all your supplies out.

2 – Using plenty of water, pool it over the VERY dry stenciled tags

4 – I drop on some Dye-na-flow inks and let them dribble in between the spaces and crevices of the stencil and paste. I dry this completely.

5 – I grab TCW832 – Script Words and stencil through with night, turquoise and teal to create an edge on the right hand side of the tag. Dark towards the edge and light towards the middle.

6 – I use fluorescent pink paint to stencil small dabs of colour through TCW886 – Shaped Landscape… the dot section and add some marks with a Stabilo woody.

6 – I arrange the floral embellishments that I made previously using TCW601 – Poppy Field, along with some rainbow papers. I attach these to the tag with double sided tape.

7 – I finish off with some colourful fibres and ribbons

I hope this project has given you some ideas to be able to create with your own crafty ‘leftovers’ or make some of your fun embellishments to use later. Tag us with #tcwstencillove so we can check out what you do.

Until next time… have fun creating!
Dani Choate

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