Sunrise…. An Art Journal Page

Hi there creative souls, Tammy (aka Tambarambaa) here again to share another colorful creation.

I adore sunrises – the promise of a new day, of new beginnings, of the end of darkness, of a chance to try again, the colors, the light. It’s all pretty magical and that’s what inspired this art journal page…..

art journal page of a sunrise and clouds using stencils
Tammy Klingner

TCW provided me with some amazing products to create with, but the art and the opinions are completely my own.

art journal page of a sky and sunrise using a mandala stencil by The Crafter's Workshop.
Tammy Klingner

That gorgeous Mandala stencil did all the hard work for me…. so let’s take a look at how it came together.

I began with TCW9001 White Gesso, and brushed a thin coat over my Art Journal Page.

I then created the sky by adding blue paint to the background. I left the center as I knew that would become my sunrise.

blue paint on art journal

Once dry I used TCW9001 White gesso, to splodge on some clouds using a dry make up sponge.

white splodges added to blue paint to create clouds

Now I used TCW2308 Clouds Slimline Stencil and some slightly darker blues to create perfectly fluffy clouds. I just sponged around the stencil with a dry make up sponge.

creating clouds using stencil and sponge

This stencil is just awesome and gives you so much scope to alter your clouds to suit.

a sky art journal background

Now it’s time to add in that sunrise.

For this I used all Dina Wakley paints. I began with some ‘Ruby’ paint, and painted an arch with a large flat brush. I then added some ‘Tangerine’ and then some ‘Lemon’, blending slightly as I go, and working as quickly as possible so the paint doesn’t dry out

arches of red orange and yellow paint added to form the sunrise

I lay down stencil TCW899 Striped Mandala, and removed some of the paint by rubbing over the stencil with a wet baby wipe. You are left with a gorgeous effect.

I then added an arch of ‘Magenta’ paint, and realigned the stencil, repeating the above step.

The Crafters Workshop Striped Mandala stencil
paint has been removed through the stencil using a wipe to create a gorgeous pattern

Unfortunately, my yellow paint had dried a little too much and It pulled off more than I hoped – but don’t worry, this is all fixable later with some paint pens. This stage is more about getting the gorgeous shapes and details from the stencils.

adding details to the sunrise using paint pens in fluro and black

Now it’s time to add details with paint pens. I use Life of Colour – they are an Australian brand and I LOVE them. I used the Fluro set to add colour and cover up some of the torn sections. The fluro paint really lifts the other colors and as the stencil has done the hard work, it is just about filling in the gaps. Very therapeutic.

I also repeat this with the black paint pens, ensuring I go over each line a couple of times – I am aiming for a sketched natural look rather than perfection, and I added a couple of quotes around the edge of the sunrise.

adding doodles and scribbles to the sunrise and stencil

Again super relaxing and calming. You can spend as little or as long as you like on this step.

close up of the sunrise

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Firsly, I added some soft pink tones to the clouds, and then I added some stars to the sky using TCW9012 Shimmery Goodness, a spatula and stencil TCW922 Ethereal.

adding shimmery goodness to create stars through a stencil
a close up of the stars and clouds

I then found a quote about beginnings and endings and knew I wanted to add that too, so I adhered it using TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium.

adhering a quote using matte gel medium reading " remember that endings are also beginnings. There's hope in that"

A few scribbles with black pen, and that is it!!

Art Journal page with a sunrise and sky
Tammy Klingner
sunrise art journal page created using a stencil called Striped Mandala by The Crafters Workshop
Tammy Klingner

That’s it from me today, I hope this post has inspired you in some way – hopefully you feel the urge to go create, but if not, I hope it’s inspired you to witness a sunset, to sit quietly in the moment, to marvel at nature. You won’t regret it.

You can find more of my work on my BLOG or on Instagram.

Don’t forget to tag us using #tcwstencillove anytime you create with all the amazing products available from TCW. We love seeing what you do!!

Much love and light,

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa – Design Team Member TCW

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