Card ~ Stained Glass Effect

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Charmaine here with a card project that “just happened,” with leftover crafts laying around. You know you have these as well! Look and see how you can revive them using the new stencils and Super Thick Gel!

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

I had this Yupo paper piece with a failed attempt at alcohol art. As I was rummaging through all my mediums, I came upon the Super Thick Gel TCW9052. I am still learning all of TCW’s mediums; I figured, let’s see what this one does! It dries clear and shiny, and I am all about shiny things.

Use TCW Super Thick Gel and Cupped Daffodil stencil on Yupo paper

This beautiful new stencil, Cupped Daffodil TCW930, is 6×6 and perfect for A2 cards. I spread the gel evenly with a craft knife and let it dry overnight.

The next day I used a white Posca Pen (medium tip) and traced all along the dried clear gel. It really looks like I carved the flower out of gypsum.

This was so fun and easy to do. Finish the card with a sentiment or a die-cut.

I looked to see what else I could spread the gel over and found leftover gel prints. Here I used Cactus Dahlia TCW927 on a gel print.

I colored the remaining print with a black Posca Pen and the inside with white. Make sure to glue the print on a heavy cardstock to keep from warping. This print was done on printer paper.

This way you can “seal” the print under the gel and make it shiny!

I hope you like today’s cards and give this gel a go!


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