Together is the best place to be, don't you think? My wish is for this global pandemic to end. Happy Valentine's Day!
“Together” 8″ square cradled wood panel

Together is the best place to be, don’t you think?

I’m looking forward with hope to the end of this global pandemic. In anticipation of a less than usual Valentine’s Day, I’ll be hoping that all our wishes upon stars make our dreams come true. Go ahead and make some wishes with me, while we walk through this project, together.

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I wanted to celebrate something that we all could do together, safely. Just think, all of us can star and moon gaze, safely, together. That’s what inspired me to make this piece, in the hopes that we can all soon be together again, safely.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

I’ve had these heart cuts outs that I’ve just been waiting to use on the right project. Here is my chance! I glued the hearts directly onto the 8″ square cradled wood panel and waited for the glue to dry. I then painted our TCW9002 Black Gesso over the entire front and sides and waited for it to dry.

Close up image showing the wood panel with heart embellishments, painted with black gesso.
TCW9002 Black Gesso was painted over the wood panel and heart embellishments as a base.

I then added some patterned tissue paper that I love (also related to my theme) over part of the front of the design. I used TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium to apply the tissue paper.

Solar tissue paper by Finnabair is being applied to part of the wood panel front using TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium.
Tissue paper being applied with TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium.

Next, I used colorful water based mica spray inks to add pink, blue, lilac, and teal to the embellished wood panel. The tissue paper really soaks up the ink and holds the colors in place quite well. Once dry, I then used our TCW9001 White gesso and using a very stiff bristled brush, I dry brushed the heart embellishments very lightly to bring out the details and make them appear to pop off the panel.

The wood panel embellished with hearts and tissue paper is sprayed with colorful mica inks, then dry brushed with white gesso to make the details stand out.
Heart embellishments were dry brushed with TCW9001 White Gesso to make them stand out

The tissue dried far more colorfully than I intended, so I sprayed black water based ink over the bright colors to tone them down. When the ink dried, I used the same stiff bristled brush to lightly dab our TCW9006 Gloss Gel Medium over the embellishments to make them appear to shine against the matte background of the black gesso. I also applied some silver finishing wax to help the shine and make it a little brighter.

Gloss gel medium jar is shown next to the wood panel. The gel has been applied to the embellishments.
TCW9006 Gloss Gel Medium was dabbed onto the embellishments for additional shine

Have you met our TCW9012 Shimmery Goodness yet? Have you tried it? This stuff is moon dust and magic in a jar, I swear. I’m in love with this product! Which probably explains why I have created multiple moon pieces of late. Shimmery goodness is a paint consistency product with the most glorious pearlized metallic sheen to it, which suits moons and stars perfectly! Here’s a close up of the moon’s face which I painted with Shimmery Goodness and then hand colored with uni posca pens, signo uni ball pens, and colored pencils.

Close up of the moon face which has been painted with TCW9012 Shimmery Goodness for shine.
TCW9012 Shimmery Goodness was painted on the moon’s face for shine

I also glued on, then painted the metal star embellishments and their halos with the glorious shimmery goodness.

Close up showing the metal star embellishments that were hand painted with the shimmery goodness.
The metal star embellishments were hand painted with Shimmery Goodness for shine

Want to see more? Hop on over and watch my quick fly-by video on my YouTube Channel.

Until next time, happy experimenting and happy day!

Michaela Butterworth
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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