Illuminate the Dark – An Art Journal Page

Hello creative souls, Tammy here again to share another colorful Art Journal Page with you. This one is a little bit grungy but still packs a colorful punch!

Art Journal page with lots of bright colours and grungy black.
Tammy Klingner

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with but the art and opinions are solely my own.

Grungy Art Journal page called 'Illuminate the Dark with Joyful Art'
Tammy Klingner

This page captures how I feel about Art Journaling…..and so I used one of my favorite quotes. Art Journaling is an important part of my mental health and wellbeing. It allows me to explore and process and brings color and light to my life. It definitely helps me to keep the darkness away.

Colorful art journal page with a girls face
Tammy Klingner

Let’s take a look at how this page occured….

I began by applying a layer of TCW9001 White Gesso with a large brush to my Large Dylusions Art Journal.

Once dry I began to add patches of color – I applied with a white brush and just scattered each color over the page.

yellow, blue and lime paint randomly painted on background

I used Dina Wakley’s ‘Lemon’, and Dylusions ‘London Blue’ and ‘Fresh Lime’.

background to an art journal page - splodges of bright colors

I then added Dylusions ‘Postbox Red’ and ‘Crushed Grape’.

Once dry I grabbed a few of my favorite TCW Stencils and using a make-up sponge, I dabbed paint through the stencils in small sections.

I used TCW385 Moroccan Tiles and TCW886 Shaped Landscape – these stencils are perfect for this technique as each one has so many options on the one stencil!

For this step I used the same colors as before but also added in ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Bubblegum Pink’.

The final step in creating the background is to add some white paint back in over the colors. This step allows the colors to lift – it brightens them up. For this part I used TCW876 ScreenView.

Various The Crafters Workshop Stencils and paint sponged through to make marks

When you have popped on layer upon layer of color, you will be left with something like this….. stunning!

brightly colored art journal background with lots of The Crafters Workshop stencils

Background is done….now time to do something with it!

I selected an image by Michelle Grant Designs. You’ll notice I often use these images – they free me up creatively. I’m still a newbie when it comes to painting faces and figures so this prevents me from getting bogged down in this step. These are downloadable images that you print. So easy! Alternatively you could use a stamped image or draw something yourself.

To ensure the image doesn’t just looked plonked onto the page, I create a shadow with black paint around it – and then once dry adhere the image with TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium – I apply it with my finger all over the back and again over the front – this seals it and allows me to add color.

Michelle Grant image - black and white face

Now it’s time to embed that image into the page. To do this, I used TCW876 Screen View in both the 12×12 size and the 6×6 size. I applied this in two ways. Firstly, like above where I dabbed black paint through the stencil using a make-up sponge, and secondly, I added black paint with a dry paintbrush and working laid down the stencil and with a wet baby wipe removed the paint through the stencil.

These are two techniques I use all the time and I love the look of them together.

TCW Screenview Stencil used to add marks to background

I also added black to the edges of the page to create a border. I love the grungy look that adding black paint over the top of color gives.

Now it’s time to add a bit more color back in to the page.

I began to add color to her face – I just paint over the top of the image and then go in with pens later to bring back the detail.

I also added little squares of color by using the TCW876 Screen View Stencil – laying it over the girls hair area and rubbing paint through individual squares using a cotton bud.

TCW Screenview stencil used to add colored squares to girls hair

This step is the one that pulled it altogether! Love that moment when the magic happens.

Grungy but colorful art journal page using TCW Stencils 
Art for therapy
Tammy Klingner

To finish it off, I went in with ‘Life of Color’ Paint Pens and added in the face details – I also added detailing to the hair, some scribbles and flicks to the background.

close up of background. grungy colorful page

For my journaling, I added some personal scribbly journaling around the edge of her hairline and then added a quote, adhering it with TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium.

Grungy colorful page
Illuminate the dark with joyful art
Tammy Klingner

Ta Da!! There you have it!

Grungy colorful page
Illuminate the dark with joyful art
Tammy Klingner

I hope this page has inspired you to create some colorful and grungy art!

We absolutely love seeing what you create… don’t forget to tag #tcwstencillove on social media so we can see it!

Arty hugs

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa

2 thoughts on “Illuminate the Dark – An Art Journal Page

  1. WOW! I absolutely LOVE this!!! I love Michelle’s images too but wish her angel policy allowed finished products with her images on to be sold, it puts me off buying. xx

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