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Hi there creatives!

Tammy back again today to share another colorful creation! I love sharing my art with you all and so appreciate you taking the time to be here. Some of you even give it a go, or leave a lovely comment and that just makes my heart sing.

Brightly colored art journal page with hearts and paintbrushes
Tammy Klingner

TCW provided me with awesome goodies to play with but the art and opinions are my own.

This art journal page came about via a dear friend of mine. She sent me the quote as it had inspired her and she also sent me a pic of a colorful heart…….with the words “I’d love to see your take on this”.

Well that was all the inspiration I needed. I just loved the quote instantly and immediately ideas began to form.

Brightly colored art journal page
Tammy Klingner

Where do you get your inspiration? Often little challenges like this help me to unleash my creativity. They take me in a direction that I may not have gone myself.

Let’s take a look at this one in more detail…..

I began as I always do by applying a layer of TCW9001 White Gesso to a page in my large Dylusions Art Journal with a brush.

Once dry it’s time to add some color. I added some ‘Funky Fuschia’ by Dylusions in random sections across my page with a brush. I focused across the center of the page, leaving white space on the top and bottom. I then placed the stencil TCW876 Screen View on top and with a wet baby wipe quickly rubbed off the paint through the stencil.

pink paint being rubbed off a page through Screenview stencil

I then came in with the next color. I used Dylusions ‘Lemon Zest’ and brushed it on next to the pink, again keeping in mind that I wanted white space top and bottom.

adding yellow paint to the background

Again, I rubbed off paint through the TCW876 Screen View stencil. When you use this technique you do end up with quite a bit of paint on your stencil – don’t waste it! I placed the stencil back down on the page and pressed onto the stencil to push the paint onto my page (it’s kind of like using it as a stamp).

pressing down the paint on the stencil to make it part of the page

This is the result….

pink and yellow paint with Screen View Stencil

Gorgeous right!! I then repeated this with a few more colors until I was happy with the base of my page. I used Dylusions ‘London Blue’ and ‘Polished Jade’, and I used a combination of the large 12×12 and the smaller 6×6 TCW876 Screen View Stencil.

pink, yellow, blue and teal paint in blobs across the page with Stencil work

This is that moment where it looks a bit messy……keep pushing on – the magic is around the corner!

Now I take out some black paint and add it across the center of the page, on top of the stenciled area – not too much – you want those colors visible still. This bit can be quite scary but work quickly and have plenty of wet wipes on hand. Repeat the above step, rubbing the black paint off through the stencil and work quickly across the entire page….

4 photos showing adding black to the art journal page to give a grungy feel

It’s ok to leave a bit of black paint in solid areas too – this will add to the grungy effect.

Now add some thin black paint lines every so often throughout the page. Don’t forget the all important flicks of paint on top and paint around the edges of the entire page. (I forgot to take a photo of this part, but you can see what I mean in this photo below).

Grungy and colorful art journal page with stenciled squares and hearts and a black border
Tammy Klingner

The last step for the background, once all of the black is dry is to add a bit of black paint with a sponge, again through the same stencil. This last detail helps give the page depth.

Don’t use too much paint on your sponge, just a small amount.

adding black paint with a sponge through Screenview Stencil

Let’s move onto the foreground.

To go with the picture my friend sent, I wanted to add hearts so I dug out TCW5035 Single Heart Stencil and purple is her favorite color so I went with that.

Firstly, I lay down the stencil onto some mixed media cardstock. I then added paint with a sponge through the stencil in a dabbing/jumping motion. To give the hearts a 3D look, rather than flat, I combined Dylusions ‘Crushed Grape’ and ‘Funky Fuschia’. Carefully lift stencil and then repeat until you have as many hearts as you would like.

Once dry, I lay down the stencil over each heart again, lining them up carefully. I then placed stencil TCW539 Patterns over the top, selecting a particular pattern and sponged white paint through. The bottom stencil acts as a mask and prevents any errors. This stencil is perfect for this as I was able to select a different pattern for each heart.

purple hearts created with a stencil as a mask and adding details with another patterned stencil on top

Now the final step in the heart making is to outline the edges using a black paint’ pen. I use ‘Life of Colour’ pens. Some I left with a plain border and some I added more detail….

pile of purple hearts created with paint and stencils

Aren’t they gorgeous? Same same but slightly different.

Next I stamped and cut out some paint brushes as they just go perfectly with the quote. I used a set by ‘Darkroom Door’.

stamped brushes images cut out

Now adhere these and your hearts onto your page using TCW9011 Matte Gel Medium. Apply a layer to the back and then once you’ve popped them onto your page apply another layer on top. (NOTE – ensure you use waterproof ink and pens or this step will cause them to reactivate).

adhering on the stamps and hearts with gel medium

Finally, add your quote with a white paint pen and a few scribbles around the hearts – oh and add some color to those brushes!!

quote "If someone shows you  to their true colors, don't try to repaint them"

Ta da! All done!

completed art journal page
Tammy Klingner
another view of completed art journal page
Tammy Klingner

I hope this has inspired you to use some bright colors, or perhaps utse your stencil as a stamp? Or as a mask? Oh the possibilities!

We love seeing what you do with our products so don’t forget to tag us on social media with #tcwstencillove. See you in cyber land!

Tammy Klingner aka Tambarambaa

8 thoughts on “True Colors – An Art Journal Page

  1. Thank you so much for your step by step explanation of how you created this beautiful journal entry. I cant wait to try it after I buy those paints! Thank you for sharing in such detail. It is appreciated by us newbies.

  2. Thank you Tammy, I’m halfway through Big Brave Rainbow (waiting for my paint to dry) I will try this lovely one next.
    Just a newbie question, why do you put gesso on?

    1. Enna I love that you are creating these pieces. Makes me happy. I’d love to see what you do. Gesso primes your page and allows what you add to sit on top of the page rather than bleed into your paper. It allows the paper to cope with liquids like paint, water etc.

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