It’s Okay To Feel Your Feelings Wall Art

Good morning! Nicole here. I have a fun Wall Art to share with you. This was so much fun to create. I’ve been wanting to create something with the TCW863S 6X6 Sunflower Meadow stencil for sometime now. I love sunflowers!

Disclaimer: “The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.”

To begin, I grabbed a 6×6 Mixed Media Board and the TCW9057 ColorSparx, TCW9058 ColorSparx, and TCW9056 ColorSparx along with the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste. I tapped the Cerulean Blue powder all over the board and then sprayed over it with water using the Spritz Bottle.

When you are tapping the powders over the board, remember…a little goes a long way.

Try not to spray too close to the board. I sprayed about 12″ from the board.

Next, I tapped some Turquoise all over the board while it was wet to add some more color.

This is what it looks like when the powders set.

I placed a plain sheet of cardstock over top of the board and pressed down on the board to soak up some of the excess powders/water. You can use a paper towel to do this as well.

Then, I taped the edges of the TCW863S 6X6 Sunflower Meadow stencil over the board. I used a palette knife to spread the Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste all over the stencil being careful to spread the paste from top to bottom in even amounts.

Isn’t this beautiful? And I’m not even done with it yet…

I added water to the Cerulean Blue ColorSparx to create my own watercolors. The more powder you add, the darker the color will be. I tested the color on paper before coloring in the white space on the board. I wanted to add a bit more blue along the edges… I chose the lighter shade.

Once everything was completely dry, I taped the stencil over the sunflowers.

Then I mixed a little bit of the Marigold ColorSparx with the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste to add color to the flowers…

I added a tiny bit of Gamboge to the Marigold. Again, a little goes a long way. I love how smooth the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste is!! It’s sooooo easy to work with and not hard on the hands at all.

Once I finished spreading the paste over the flowers, I used the Terre Verte Color Sparx along with the Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste to create the paste for the leaves.

I carefully removed the washi tape and lifted the stencil from the board to avoid smudging. Make sure you clean the stencil right away with water. I bought a 6×6 white frame from amazon, popped the glass out and popped the board in the frame!

What do you think? I just love how this turned out. It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to make a few more pieces with other stencils for my wall!

Thank you for visiting today and I hope I inspired you to play!

Nicole Martel, Design Team Member

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