Card – I just adore you

I just adore you card made with a stencil and foil

Hi, it’s Charmaine here!
I am somewhat of a crow; I collect shiny things. Luckily foil comes in a variety of colors, so it’s not like I have a whole box full of the same things!! 🙂

Today I am playing with a background stamp, gel print, stencils, foil, and Hot Foil Gel. You do need a laminator for this project.

TCW provided me with some awesome goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

My first card is made from a failed gel print, Balzer Designs’ Fantasy Tile (TCW882s), and Hot Foil Gel (TCW 9048).

Gel print, TCW882 and Hot Foil Gel products

Lightly apply the gel with a palette knife all over the stencil. Secure the stencil with some washi tape or Pixie Spray to prevent movement.

Lightly apply the gel with a palette knife all over the stencil

Carefully remove the stencil and wash the stencil right away. Clear away gel that may have spilled over and under the stencil.

Let this dry until the gel turns clear.

Gel is clear when dried.

Cut this print down to A2 size and place foil (Copper Deco Foil) over the base. Fold one sheet of copy paper in half, place the foil and base inside and run through a hot laminator. I used a wordy background stamp from Unity Stamp Company to create a separate A2 base on which the foiled base will rest. Die-cut a circle off-center of the foiled base and glue two bases together. The words are from a seperate die cut and glued with Connect Glue from Gina K Designs.

I just adore you card made with a stencil and foil

The second card is made the same way except that I used Hot Foil Gel over the stamped background. This Geo Netting stencil (TCW901s) was very easy to foil and came out fabulous. I used heavy cardstock (110lbs) to make these two top folding cards.

Geo Netting stencil (TCW 901s) and Hot Foil Gel (TCW9048)
Thank you foiled card made with TCW 901S

I hope you liked today’s project and will give it a try. Follow me on Facebook for daily inspiration on how to make more shiny cards!


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