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Welcome back crafty friends, to one on the most inspiring crafty blogs out there! I’m so happy your here!

It is with a heavy heart that I write my last blog post for TCW’s Design team. I have been on this team for 2 years, and loved every second of it. I am taking some time off from commitments to focus on myself and my health. I’ll still be around though, so make sure you follow me to see al the latest projects on Insta and YouTube.

For today’s project we will be making a Shipping Tag book. You can view the entire process video below:

TCW Provided me with some goodies to play with, but the opinions and creations are my own.

I start of this project by taping the shipping tags together in stacks of 2 with masking tape and then doing gel printing on them.

The stencils I used are the following:

Photo with shipping tags and stencil pattern
Close up photo of the shipping tag with stencil pattern.

Once I am happy with all the printing on them, I put them together to form a book. Then I sew threw the masking tape spine.

There are endless ways to bind books, so find one that’s right for you.

Close up of the shipping tags sewn in the spine to create a book.

The next step is to decorate your tag book. I used splatters, edge inking, paint as well as cutting some pages to create patterns.

You can add collage here, words stickers / phrases, ephemera or stamping. Whatever you add, It’s bound to be pretty.

The last step in my decor stage was to stencil TCW 885 – Cut outs in white paint on every page. This made the whole book feel cohesive and plus I really love this pattern. The white also added a peaceful resting place for my eye, and helped pull al the pages together.

What is White space?
White space or negative space is simply unmarked space in the design. It is the space between the layouts, lines of paragraphs, between paragraphs, between different UI elements and so on. White space does not literally mean an empty space with a white background. It can be of any color, texture, patterns or even a background image.

Photo of book with white stenciling pattern being added.

The rest is up to you. I plan on adding a Bible verse to each page to keep me reminded of my favorite scriptures when I need them close by. You can make this into a miniature journal, or a small story book, even a love letter to someone. Whatever you decide, I hope you will have fun being creative and enjoy the process. What will you use it for?

Thanks for joining me for this last blog post today crafty friends.

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2 thoughts on “Shipping Tag Book | Gelli Printing

  1. I loved your your video. You make things look so easy. Im very glad to know that I’m not the only one with a dirty gelli plate πŸ˜† After watching this video, I will be looking for all the other videos you have posted as I love your casual and fun style. Please take care and hope to see more of your creativity soon. Thank you for sharing tour skill sets with us. πŸ’—

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