Modeling Paste Tissue Paper Embellishments

Hi everybody. Karen Burchill here with a Build Your Stash AND Art Journal Page Tutorial. If you prefer watching videos just scroll to the bottom.

The Crafters Workshop provided me with stencils and mediums to use. The opinions I express are my own.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of creating with napkins and tissue paper. So when I saw Brand Ambassador Anna Labieniec’s video where she used modeling paste on acetate. I thought….hmmm maybe I could stencil the modeling paste through the stencil onto tissue paper. Then decoupage the element onto a page or canvas where the tissue paper would turn translucent and show the background.


  • No more modeling paste mishaps -lose the fear
  • One clean up at the end of your build your stash session
  • No dry time in the middle of your page creation
  • Change how you use the stencil – play with composition and layer textured elements
  • Easily add modeling paste texture to surfaces that are textured or round such as a bucket
  • You can easily take these pre-done embellishments when traveling


When I got this idea the first thing I did was have a “Stash Building” session. I pulled out a variety of TCW stencils including TCW860 Lavender, TCW815 Magnolia Blossom, TCW889 Dash V, TCW904 Petal Burst, and TCW922 Ethereal. I also grabbed TCW9005 White Modeling Paste, TCW9009 Black Modeling Paste, and TCW9008 Clear Modeling Paste.

I applied the various modeling pastes through the selected stencils onto dollar store tissue paper. I put it on the side that was less shiny. Very carefully I moved each completed sheet to a flat surface to dry.

FYI I colorized the Clear Modeling Paste with my favorite color Prussian Blue.

Once I was done with each stencil I dropped it into a tray of water as you want to be sure to clean off modeling paste.

TCW Clear Modeling Paste colored
TCW Black Modeling Paste
TCW Clear Modeling Paste with Added Color



Today I am working on my altered recipe binder journal. I applied the two colors from my Color Scheme Challenge, Prism Violet and Turquoise with a makeup sponge onto an ungessoed surface. I blend the colors together right on the page.


Next I grab TCW662 Tile Mania stencil and apply some pattern to the background. I use Prussian Blue.

Tile Mania Stencil

I add more pattern by stamping script and dots using black Archival Ink. This builds layers and interest in your background.

Stamping with Black Archival Ink

Now I grab the lavender modeling paste embellishment I made and select the parts I want. I “water cut” the different sections and “audition” the parts on the page…adjusting the composition to suit my plan and size of the page.

Once all the elements are cut out, I select my sentiment and finalize the composition. I take pictures with my phone in order to help me decide between two or three options.

Once I decide, I glue down the tissue paper modeling paste embellishments. I am using Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium. The secret to getting the tissue paper to go translucent is to use lots of medium both under and over the top. I also glue down the sentiment.

I thought I was done but then decided that there was an empty space and I decided to add a black and white butterfly to the page. I love how the black in the butterfly plays off the black stamping and the black in the sentiment. I also added some black splatters.

I grab my black Sakura Glaze pen and outline the sentiments and add a faux stitch around the edge of the page.

Here is the link to the video directly on my Karen Burchill YouTube channel if you’d prefer to watch on YouTube. While there please subscribe!

Remember those embellishments I created in the ” Build Your Stash” Session. I’ve used them on several pages during ICAD 2020 and I have to say …I love love love these modeling paste tissue paper embellishments and hope you give this technique a try. I show the pages below but if you want to see me use them go to my YouTube channel

TCW Dash V
Magnolia Blossom
TCW Petal Burst
TCW Quadrangle Fan

Thanks for joining me. I hope you give this technique a try. Follow me on Instagram Watch my videos on YouTube . Join my Facebook Group Mixed Media Creations

Happy Creating

Karen Burchill / CreativeKady

TCW Brand Ambassador

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  1. Thank-you for such detail in your instructions and great idea. I cant wait to try this. Loved your beautiful final product!

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