My Stenciled Planner by Karenliz

I love to write about my day but I ended up with tons of journals trying to find the perfect one. I finally found the perfect journal but its a planner. I do use it for keeping track of birthdays and project deadlines but I use each day in planner as a journal. I can carry it with me or leave it at home. The biggest problem is the cover was green and over time its was getting a little grungy. The best way to fix it…..STENCILS!

The stencils I used for this project are TCW242 Damask and TCW807 Script Dots. I also used TCW9007 Clear Gesso, white paint pen and acrylic paint. The planner is a fabric cover but I didn’t care whether I used fabric paint or not. If it wears off I can always paint it over.

I started by added the Damask stencil to the journal. The paint was bleeding through the fabric so I added TCW9007 Clear Gesso on top because I continued adding the stencil design.

Add clear gesso to the planner cover so the paint doesn't bleed through it.

When the gesso dried I continued adding TCW242 Damask stencil to the cover in shades of green and blue acrylic paint.

Added TCW242 Damask stencil to the cover in shades of blue and green acrylic paints.

To add more of the Damask stencil I used a white acrylic paint pen to different areas of the cover.

I added the Damask stencil with a white acrylic paint pen.

To finish the cover it needed a pop of color. I love florescent pink so I added that to the cover using TCW807 Script Dots.

Florescent pink was added to the cover using TCW807 Script Dots

I even added the designs to the pen holder. I love the way it came out. Do you have many journals or did you find the perfect one?

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Thank you so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafters Workshop Design Team

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