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full art journal page TCW924 - Lush Petals

Hello TCW friends

Whilst most are in lockdown I have been trying to be grateful, for what we have and for each day, no matter what each day may bring. I am working more hours than I ever have and only have a small window every few days to decompress through art play. So… this is a quick one!

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own

In today’s page, I use TCW924 – Lush Petals and TCW9004 – Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste

Of course, as usual, If you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can just go ahead and watch the process video below. Captions within the video will tell you what products I have used along the way.


1 – Begin by painting a rough strip in a dark colour horizontally across the page

2 – Once dry stencil through TCW924 – Lush Petals with TCW9004 – Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste

3 – Using a bright blue watercolour paint. add colour to the top and bottom of the dark strip of paint

4 – Spray some Lime green Gloss Spray onto the bottom of the page allowing it to mix with the watercolour and dribble down and off the edges

5 – Add a word and a cardboard heart into the bottom right hand page.

6 – Balance the page with a touch of a contrasting colour into the top left hand corner.

full page with TCW watermark

I do hope you have enjoyed this walk through of my page and the video.

Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to create your own simple and quick art journal page.

Have a great day!
Dani Choate

To follow along on my art adventures and/or view the complete supply list for this page, please visit my blog or the youtube description

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