Spring Textures on Watercolor Board

Today I just wanted to not think about everyday life, just want to play. So actually you are getting a gimps into my soul today.

Play the full process video below to see how I made this.

To start off this page, I grabbed a A4 Watercolor board form TCW and taped it, using Masking tape to create a frame and secure it in place.

I used TCW Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste with TCW 907 – Pointelle to create a textured background. Let this dry.

Picture of White modeling paste with textured pattern.

You can also use watercolors for the next step, but I love using the Ken Oliver Colorburst’s as they are quick and easy to create beautiful random background colors. Spray liberally with water to get a good coverage, then dry.

Picture of color bursts on paper still wet.

The next stencil I use is TCW 884 – Explosion, and I use it with a dark blue acrylic paint. I layer this on the bottom half of the page to create a fuller look at the bottom.

Picture of the project with dark blue stenciling on the bottom half.

I also used TCW 885 – Cut Outs with a pink color, for even more layering.

Picture of Cut out stencil being added to the project in pink.

Adding some more layering now, this time in pastel colors, concentrating more on the top half of the page, going down in the bottom. I add some pastel colored brush strokes. This just ties the top and bottom together.

Picture of the project with added pastel color brush strokes.

Once dries, I want to work on my focal point.

I get my TCW Gloss Gel Medium and adhere a girl figure in tissue paper from the Dina Wakley collection. The random wording is from stencil TCW 832 – Word Script that I made using Archival ink and tissue paper. I also added TCW Gloss Gel Medium all over the project to seal in the Color bursts and give it a shiny glow.

Picture of the focal point adhered to the page.

Next we will do some simple drawing, so get out your oil pastels, gelatos, or like I am using, Stabilo 3-in-1 pencils. Now go ahead and draw some flowers to the left lower half of the page.

Picture of project with some scribble flowers added.

Lastly you want to just add the finishing touches by adding shading around the figure and boarder.

Now remove the masking tape and reveal the wonderful creation.

TOP TIP: Use the heat tool to remove masking tape without ripping the paper, by gently heating the tape and pulling it off.

Picture of the finished project.
Close up picture of the completed project's background.

Till next time friends 🙂

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