Make Your Own Inspiration Deck

Hello again Lovely Ones! Alexa here with my second Guest Designer Blog for TCW this month!

I’m excited to bring you a fun & easy project, creating an Inspiration Deck. You can make it for whatever suits you, but I created mine as an inspiration/ prompt for my art journaling. Look how inspiring these cards are to get the juices flowing!

I chose the following words for my first cards in my deck:

  • Joy (journal about something that brings you joy),
  • Balance (find a way to incorporate the theme of balance in your page),
  • Color (choose a few colors & go!),
  • Limit (limit yourself to 5 supplies or limit your time to create your page),
  • Dream (make a page that feels dreamy or one that speaks to one of your dreams in life),
  • Words (use a word, phrase, quote or song lyric to inspire your page)
  • Magic (make a magical page, perhaps it’s a fantasy-inspired piece)
  • Push (try something new; a new style, a new technique)

Check out the process here:

Materials used:

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