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When I think about magic, I feel like it fills you with hope and possibilities that would otherwise not be possible. For me, art journaling in its self is a sort of magic and this page just made me feel full of hope and possibilities. It’s also more literally a magical forest in the sense that it has a forest, flowers and a twinkle of some sparkle.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some of the materials and products used in this tutorial, but the opinions are my own.

To view the step by step video tutorial, click below:


I really enjoy using a brayer with paint for a first layer background. Today I am using colors that reminded me of a sunset, yellows, pinks and soft purples. Dry this layer before moving on.

Photo of the first layer background, colors brayered on to the page in hues of pink, purple and yellow, resembling a sunset.


Next I want to create a dramatic dark forest. I do this by placing black paint along the bottom of the page, and then moving the paint using a palette knife, creating a half circle towards the bottom. I use a palette knife instead of a paint brush because I want it to be more random and less exact. I like the sketchy and messy look.

Photo of a sketchy messy black half circle.


Create some foliage on the black half circle. I am using TCW stencils.

TCW885 – Cut Outs – I use white paint with this one to create a first foliage layer.

TCW918 – Seahorse – Here I use a olive color with the leaves part of the stencil, and then a second layer using a darker green layer.


I am always in the mood for some finger painted flowers, and added those. If you want to know how to make these, and you haven’t already, check out this video to learn how : Finger Painting Flowers

I added a couple of smaller flowers to create the forest feeling, and one large flower for the main focal point. I love how this is looking.

I now add a stem to the flower, using the Stabilo all 4-in-1 sticks.


Time to add the MAGIC part. Let’s make a mess and do some splatters. Thin some white paint with water and just splatter away over the entire page.

Till next time friends 🙂

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