Be Still My Heart

For Valentines this year I revisited one of my old tutorials from 2012, The Trunk Full of Memories. This current version is a bit more mixed media and more shabby than vintage.

To create it, I constructed the basic trunk using chipboard and constructions strips of Kraft card stock. You can also use a wood or paper cache trunk. After construction I painted the entire trunk with TCW 9001 White Gesso.

Next, I used TCW9044 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste (my favorite!) and TCW710710 Endless Swirls to create an all over texture over entire trunk exterior. Once dry, I added a coat of TCW9006 Gloss Gel Medium.

For a subtle color, I used a pale pink liquid acrylic pint watered down to create a wash. While still wet, a touch the high spots with a moist baby wipe. After the paint dries, I added a light coating of transparent ink to give it amare rustic and uneven look.

I also wanted to create metallic highlights at the trunk corners. to create this look, I dabbed TCW9049 Tacky When Dry Gel Medium on the raised areas along the corners with a fingertip. When dry, the medium will remain tacky to apply non-heat foil sheets. Apply sheet over area with tacky medium, burnish and peal away to reveal the randomly attached foil.

A few weeks ago, I experimented with using stenciled mediums on a variety of unexpected fabrics. One was some silk velvet. I stenciled TCW9012 Shimmery Goodness using TCW833 Fantastical onto the velvet and allowed it to dry. The medium sits on top of the nap of the velvet and shrinks a bit. I ends up looking like it was machine embroidered. I used this piece to line the inside of the lid of the trunk.

Once these mixed media steps were complete, I finished the construction by attaching the lid and adding further embellishment. This trunk has an upper section that held a mini album in the original version. I decided to add faux foliage with roses and a heart on the front in honor of Valentines Day.

This will make a lovely table decor piece for a Valentine’s dinner or any time of year.

The Crafters Workshop provided me with some of the products used on this project but the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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