“Vision” Mixed Media Journal Entry

Hey y’all! Michelle Sanders again, guest designing this month and having a blast with TCW amazing products!! For today’s project, I did a mixed media journal entry. This type of art has been a passion of mine as of late and a great way to get my creative fix on.

For this page, I started out with a prepped journal page (I used clear gesso to prepare my page). I then applied a tiny, and I do mean TINY amount of the “Cerulean Blue” Color Burst pigment powder. Because the pigment powder is so concentrated it really just needs a tad to get a vibrant color. I sprinkled a tad of the powder where I wanted the more concentrated color and then began wetting the area, painting and pulling the color with a clean water brush. When I was satisfied with the amount I had down I just added some splatters by tapping my saturated brush against my hand to release the splashes on to the page. I wanted to integrate the metallic gold of the “Yellow Gold” from the Liquid Metals so I squirted a bit of it in the middle of the wet area and let it mix in a bit in some areas and then tapped some splatters and larger areas around the page. I allowed all of this to dry, rushing it up a little with a heat gun at times.
To add additional focus to the top of the page I did some stenciling with the 6×6 “Mini Impressions” stencil designed by Ronda Palazzari. For this, I used the “Marcasite Silver” Modeling paste.
I finished it up by brushing on more liquid metal gold accents here and there and adding a focal photo as well as some letter stickers that serve as the title.

The white is just some doodles I made with a china marker I had in my art box.
I’m happy to have found these pigment powders and will enjoy playing with them in the future, as well as those liquid metals. These are some wonderful and versatile products to have in my art stash!

For a more detailed look, check out my process video:

I hope you are inspired to create something beautiful today!

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