Stenciled Shopping Bag

Hi! Laura here. I live in the Seattle, Washington area. Like many other places in the US, we are discontinuing the use of plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable ones. This is a much more earth friendly option. I always feel a bit weird using the bag purchased at one grocery store, emblazoned with their logo when I shop at a competitions store. I found an easy solution! Paint over the logo with gesso and stencil something fun! It can also be a family friendly project you can do with the kids.

To start, I painted over the logo on both sides with TCW9002 Black Gesso as the bag is black. Next, I painted the center section with TCW9001 White Gesso and added white ‘stripes’ over the handles.

Next I used liquid acrylic to paint a background color. This can be a single color or it can be varied with similar colors. Here I used a light aqua color. Once the background was dry, I stenciled a fun multicolored image using TCW825 Love Frame

To add additional interest I add permanent black marker marks and white gel pen stencil outlines. I used the smaller version of the TCW825 Love Frame to add details on the larger heart.

You can add an optional coat of TCW 9007 Clear Gesso or TCW 9011 Clear Matte Medium to seal the painted finish.

Some of the materials used for the project were provided to me by The Crafters Workshop. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thanks for checking out this fun project! Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “Stenciled Shopping Bag

  1. This is fabulous! I refuse to use plastic though there is no law here to do so and I do carry all grocery names around. What a great way not to advertise anything but my art.

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