Foiled Wooden Tags

Hi everyone! It’s Lindsay here from the Crafting While Caffeinated Blog and YouTube Channel, and I am so excited to share today’s video with you all!! I love to foil and almost always I am foiling onto cardstock. The normal process when I foil with my stencils is to use the Hot Foil Gel Medium, smooth it through the stencil and allow it to dry. Then, I will run it through my laminator with the proper foil. But recently, I found some wooden tags and I really wanted to add some shine to them. But because the tags are thicker, they can’t be run through my laminator so I needed to find a way to add heat and get the foil to adhere to the gel. Be sure to watch the video below for all the details!

Some of the supplies used in the video above were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only ever design for companies I can stand behind 100%!!

The tags I am using today I purchased at my local Michaels. However, you can find them online as well. And you can foil them on the raw material. But I love to paint them first. I used cheap acrylic paints to add color to each tag, both front and back, for a nice finished look.

Foiling with Hot Foil Gel on Wooden Tags

After allowing the paint to dry, I added the hot foil gel. I put mine through different stencils onto each tags. Then again, you need to wait for the gel to dry. You’ll know it’s ready when it’s completely clear.

Now the tricky part; adding heat and getting the foil to adhere. I chose to use my iron. I start with a LOW setting and gradually increase the heat until I feel like it’s hot enough, but not too hot. This really is just trial and error and remember, you can always add more heat but you can’t take it away!

Adding foil to these wooden tags is a great way to create an unexpected element to add to gifts or your handmade cards. And they’re super fun and easy to make!

If you are interested in any of the TCW products I used today, you can find them listed and linked down below! Happy crafting everyone!!

TCW Design Team Member – Lindsay A

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