Faux Engraved Metal

Hi agai! It’s Laura today.

I love playing with materials to make them look like something they are not. For this project, I turned foam plates into faux metal tiles!

I was going for the look of engraved metal. With this technique, the open parts of the stencil becomes the recessed areas rather than the raised areas typical with a paste application.

To create this look, cut out tiles from foam picnic plates or (other flat foam container). I used 3″ squares. Place stencil over the desired location on the foam “tile”. Using a paper piercing tool, or other pointed tool like a bamboo skewer, poke the open eras of the stencil to form the recessed areas. Here I used the TCW852 Ink Print stencil.

Paint the textured tiles with TCW9002 Black Gesso, making sure to get the gesso down into the textured sections. Dry thoroughly.

To create a coordinating accent tiles, I cut some smaller (2″) squares and used TCW856 Quattro Motifs and TCW9004 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste. When the paste was nearly dry, i used the rounded tip of a paint brush to texture parts of the stenciled image to create faux dappled metal. Paint these textured tiles with black gesso as well.

To create the metal look, dry brush the tiles with metallic paint. Touch the raised areas with metallic wax in an accent metal tone. Add “oxidized” areas with aqua ink or paint.

On a side note, I had some “help” on this project. My new kitten took an interest in what I was doing…very close interest! This is the first cat I’ve had that thinks my desk is the perfect hang out spot. LOL!

To create the base for the cover of the album, I wrapped chipboard with patterned paper. I then used TCW876 Screen View to add accent background color. I used a mix of analogous colors around the edges of the cover panel.

I next layered black gauze fabric, Buckram (inked the edges dark gray), and a piece of hand dyed fabric over the stenciled background.

Create a layout with completed faux metal tiles. Attach tiles with brads through pierced holes.

Assemble remainder of album cover using your favorite method. I will show pages from this album on a future post.

The Crafters Workshop provided me with some of the products that were used in this project. The opinions I share are my own.

Happy Crafting!

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