Mixed media postcard with paper cuts

Hi there!

Today it’s friday and time for showing you my next inspiration.

This time I created simple mixed media postcard with a few paper cuts from polish magazine and our fabulous TCW mediums.

Mixed media postcard with paper cuts

How I did this project?

Firstly, I cut white watercolor paper by Ken Oliver and created it to popular postcard size and I chose two TCW stencils: Screen View and Orb Mandala.

The next step was to apply the stencil pattern to the postcard using a light & fluffy modeling paste. This is one of my favorite pastes ever!

I used another stencil too to reflect the pattern in the middle of my postcard. The next step was to use Ken Oliver Crafts colorful powders and mix the colors with water. I chose two colors: fuschia and orchid.

Then, I added our TCW mediums like modeling paste and heavy body paint and shimmery goodness to have beautiful effect on whole surface.


Used TCW products:

The Crafter’s Workshop – Stencil – Summer 2019 – TCW876 Screen View

The Crafter’s Workshop – Stencil – Summer 2019 – TCW873 Orb Mandala

TCW9036 The Crafter’s Workshop – Champagne Gold – Modeling Paste 2 oz.

TCW9012 The Crafter’s Workshop – Shimmery Goodness 8 oz.

TCW9004 The Crafter’s Workshop – Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste 8 oz.

TCW9023 – Heavy Body Acrylic Paint – Blue Jellybean 4oz

Ken Oliver Crafts – Color Burst – Trio Unicorn Magic – Colors: Orchid and Fuschia

Ken Oliver & TCW – Watercolor Paper

Have a nice weekend!

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