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Hi there, welcome back friends 🙂

For today’s blog post, I will be showing you how to create a 3 dimensional effect using one stencil and some other bits and bobs to create a magical setting for a background. You can apply this in many ways to your own backgrounds.

**The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some products to create this project. The opinions I share, however, are solely my own. :)***

You can find the entire process video below but I will also guide you step by step to create this background.

Today I will be working on an A3 Watercolor paper, which I have used masking tape on to tape the edges to my glass working surface. I do this to keep the page down as I work, and also to create a beautifully neat edge when the tape is removed.

I drew out a girl figure but you can replace this with any other figure you want, like a cute bunny or fox would fit really well in here. I then scoop out some TCW Shimmery Goodness and add a touch of pink paint to it to make it a lovely soft pale shimmery pink color. I apply this to my entire background, leaving the girl figure blank.

The soft shimmery pink tones add that sunset magical feeling to the background.

Now that we have the soft pink tones in the background we can start working more on it to create that lovely 3D effects needed to create a enchanted forest.

To do this, I grab one of my favorite stencils from the previous release called TCW845 – Wisteria. I use this stencil the wrong way around, to make it look like the flowers are standing up, in stead of hanging down.

I use 2 colors to create the dept with this stencil. The first color is a rich purple color. I use Dina wakley Paints for the entire project.

Make sure to add some height and overlap the stenciling to make it feel fuller.

Adding the blue makes it feel further away.

Next I added some abstract flowers to the background. To do this, I simply took a small amount of gold paint and spread it out with my finger in a circular motion to create a thin layer of “glow”. Now on top of the gold glow, I added thicker dots of paint in various colors.

As you can see, I have also now completed the features of the girl.

For the next step I wanted to add a quote to the page. I thing the TCW824 – Wild and free works exceptionally well for this look. I grab my stencil and TCW-Black Gesso and start stenciling over the girl. A bold move, but it pays off well.

If you find your lines are a bit wonky like mine was, just go over it using a black sharpie marker to make it crisp again.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired to try some of this techniques for yourself.

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