Stenciled Panel Boxes

Hi! It’s Laura again.

We all find inspiration for our creative projects in a variety of places. Sometimes its a blog post from a favorite website (*wink*). Sometimes its something we see on social media. Still others find it from a color, a shape or an object we see in our everyday lives. For this project, I was inspired by photo of a clay box I had made back in high school. My art teacher back then was a potter so we did A LOT of clay projects. I loved the medium but once I was done with high school ( and later college) I no longer had access to a kiln. Air dry and polymer clay just isn’t the same so I moved on to other media for my creative endeavors. I have always been fascinated by boxes (maybe that led to my becoming an architect), but I have always pushed my self to think OUTSIDE of the box. For this project, I decided to come back to the box, but in a different way.

These boxes are constructed from panels of chipboard with folded card stock corner units. The panels can be embellished with stenciling prior to construction. (For more info on construction of these boxes, visit my own blog)

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

The taller box uses black chipboard with pops of bright color in the stenciling and accent papers.

For this image, I used TCW237 Stencil Tile Texture with hot pink liquid acrylic to create a background. On top of that I used a stipple brush and gray shades of acrylic with TCW405 Mini 4 Feathers to create a shadow. The lime green feather was created with the same stencil. I added bright green pant to TCW9005 Modeling Paste and used a palette knife to apply. The modeling past gave it some depth so it stands out in front of the background even more. I painted a circle of card stock to match the pink of the background stenciling and used the TCW237 again with TCW 9002 Black Gesso to add more color punch. The hot pink was combined with a bright cheddar color as accents on the box to “pop” the stenciled panel.

The square box used Kraft chip board the punch of black and white combined with red, aqua and yellow accents.

For this box, I used TCW357 Mini Cell Theory with aqua paint mixed with TCW9006 Gloss Gell Medium. The gloss finish adds just the right amount of shine to this background. I selected 3 feathers from the TCW389 Mini Fancy Feathers stenciled onto black card stock using TCW9004 Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste. The stark white on the black really stands out. Adding a red card stock matte behind pops in just a bit of bright color. A bit of golden yellow accent and a black and white stripe gives this box a modern vibe.

These boxes are a fun and different way to display your artwork and store away some other goodies at the same time! They even make a great way to “wrap” a special gift.

3 thoughts on “Stenciled Panel Boxes

  1. Those are amazing boxes!!! Love the colors! So bold and exciting! I can’t wait to see further photos, like how they open!

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