Ken Oliver – Color burst and TCW Stencils = Something Special | Birthday Card

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The month of August is always a big birthday month in our house, since its my daughters and my husband’s. I love making them cards and special things, but its a bit tricky for men, isn’t it? The new stencil from TCW makes it a bit easier. Here’s what I did…

**The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some products to create this project. The opinions I share, however, are solely my own. :)***

To make this card, I used a pre-made card and taped it to my table, to keep it from moving around, but also to give it a nice frame.

Then I start playing with my colorburst from Ken Oliver and The Crafter’s Workshop. I used Turquoise and Metallic emerald. The Metallic was super fun, and new to me. I loved the foiled look I could achieve with literally no afford. Just sprinkle some powder and drop a few drops, then spritz with water to activate and spread around. I heat set it, to speed up the process.

picture of a card taped down with masking tape.  Blue and green splotches of color that appear textured and has some shimmer to it.
#kenoliver #watercolors

Now I will add some interest using a stencil to this background. I use the newly released Summer 2019 – TCW871 Native Star (Pre-order it from your nearest retailer now)

Card in the background with the stencil over top, before stenciling. #tcwstencils #tcwstencillove #Tcw871Nativestar

Then I used Dina Wakley paint in the color Night inside the stencil.

Picture of the stencil on the card, dark blue paint used inside the stencils. #tcwstencillove #Tcwstencils #tcw871nativestar

This is such a gorgeous stencil. I love how it feels like a kaleidoscope.

Once you remove the stencil, the beautiful patter is reveled.

Picture of the stencil removed with the painted stenciling showing on top of the watercolored colorbursts.
#Colorburst #stencils #aqua, #nativestar

All that’s left to do now, is to add a sentiment and some embellishments. I Stamped the words “Happy Birthday” and then heat embossed it with some Nuvo Embossing powder, which stands out beautifully in the middle of the dark blue. I also added sequence embellishments from nuvo to add more sparkles and details.

Finished photo of the card folded.  Happy birthday sentiment added and embossed.  Silver / holographic Embellishments sequence added.
#fatherbirthdaycard #bluebirthday #malebirthday

I hope you enjoyed this project and got inspired to create yourself.

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Close up photo of the finished card, with the stenciling and sequence.  The background is viable, as well as the border left by the masking tape.  #finishedcard #tcwstencillove
Close up picture of the center of the card with the embossed sentiment in cool blue color.

#tcwstencillove #tcwstencils #tcw

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